Why Grass?

This question gets asked quite frequently.

The biggest concern that people seem to have is that grass requires upkeep (mowing, occasional replanting, etc)

While this is true, the choice of ground cover was considered very carefully and was chosen after a significant amount of research.

The goal is not to have a perfect, golf-course-like, surface. The goal is to have surface that is good for the dogs, good for the environment and sustainable (both in maintenance and in cost).

  • Grass is self-sustaining, once it gets properly established.
  • Grass is better on the dog’s feet than nearly any other surface.
    (For example, many dogs hate the feel of pea stone on their feet.)
  • Grass filters out many of the things in dog waste.
    (The Chelmsford Dog Park is above the North Chelmsford Water aquifer. Our agreement with the water district, when building the park, was to use grass as part of the mitigation.)
  • Other popular suggestions like gravel, mulch, and pea stone are more expensive than grass. They also require regular replacement and maintenance.
    Grass is actually cheaper, overall, than almost any other surface, when you take into account the primary and maintenance costs.
  • Since the Chelmsford Dog Park is mostly an open field – sand, pea stone, and gravel would get very hot in the sun, making it unsafe for dogs to attend the park. Grass stays cool in the sun (and produces oxygen).



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