How does someone get banned?

The CDA is not responsible for banning people from the Park. The park is on town land, and as such, falls under the jurisdiction of the town management. In order for the town to ban a dog/owner from the park, there must typically be a record of multiple incidents.

This means that incidents need to be reported to the Chelmsford Police! Posting on Facebook does not count as a report. While we appreciate being notified of issues, reporting it to the Chelmsford Dog Association does not count as a report either.

If a person or dog is reported to the Chelmsford Police several times for incidents (or if the action is sufficiently egregious, maybe after only one incident) the Animal Control Officer or other police representative may submit a request to the town government (through the town manager’s office) that the individual (dog or person) be banned from the park. If approved, a “No Trespass” order is issued to the individual and that individual (person/owner) can receive a fine or jail time for violating that order.

Every case is different and is handled individually – there is no “one size fits all” list of things that will be get someone banned.

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