Dog Park Social Guidelines

Dog Park has Reopened

As noted in the previous message from DPAC, the Chelmsford Board of Health has allowed the Chelmsford Dog Park to reopen. Of course, STAYING open requires people to follow the guidelines and practice safe social distancing.

Park Reopening Update

As communicated by the Chelmsford Board of Health, through the Dog Park Advisory Committee, the Chelmsford Dog Park will be opening soon. Please read the contents of the communications here (Click "Read More") or on the DPAC Facebook page.

Howl’ween 2017

Calling all bone stealers, food gobblers, & treat thieves of the night, Creep, float or crawl over to: Howl'ween Dog Costume Party When: October 28, 2017 -- 10AM - 2PM Where: Chelmsford Dog Park on Richardson Road Coloring Contest, 50/50 Raffle, Costume Contest with Prizes!

Main Park Closure Again Next Weekend – Scouts Working

The main area of the park will be closed again on Saturday, September 2 and Sunday, September 3 from 10am to 4pm in order for the scouts to continue (and hopefully complete) their projects. Check out the works in progress when you come down this week!

Final Call for Phase 2 Bricks

The time has come, for us to bite the bullet (so to speak) and get the order in place. So, this is the final call for Phase 2 bricks.

Park closures this weekend

The entire park will be closed at 7 a.m. on Saturday for mowing. It will be closed until the mowing is complete. Additionally, the main area of the park will be closed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday this weekend in order for the Scout to work on the bricking.


The grass in the main area has been (mostly) mowed... it will be completed on Monday morning. Many thanks to folks for stepping up with offers and suggestions. Special thanks go to the Parlees for potentially allowing us to use their tractor-hayer to chop down the high grass and also to John Salem from Salem Landscaping who had offered to come down today to get it done.

Park Status Update: June 9

Good News Everyone! The Training Area and the Small Dog area have now been mowed and reopened as of June 10.

Park Status Update: May 27

The grass is coming in nicely, but still needs protection from even accidental escapes. As noted, we will be reviewing...

Closed until further notice…

The Head of DPAC (the Dog Park Advisory Committee) and the President of the CDA (Chelmsford Dog Association) have agreed - the park will be closed until further notice.

Toxic Dog Waste?

Dog poop is a problem we deal with on a daily basis. But is it dangerous? How much do you know? Is uncleaned pet waste a health hazard? The short answer is YES! Read the article for the details...

All Trash is CARRY OUT!

The park is now CARRY EVERYTHING OUT! DO NOT leave poop on the ground. DO NOT leave poop bags on the ground or gathered up into a bag on the fence. DO NOT leave your Dunkins cups or water bottles in the park. When you leave, TAKE IT ALL WITH YOU.

No Trash for the Winter!

The trash cans have been removed for the winter. Please collect and carry out all trash and poop-bags when you leave. Do not use the recycling barrel!


Now that the water has been turned off, we are all bringing water for our dogs - but many folks have been leaving the empty or half-full bottles behind. Every night, I clean up 4 or 5 empty water jugs and bottles. Additionally, the bottles and jugs take up a lot of room in the trash cans. To alleviate some of the problem (and be good to the environment), we have added a recycling barrel at the park!

Fall/Winter Work Party

We are planning a work-party to do autumn cleanup and pre-winter maintenance on the park – On Saturday, December 3, from 8 till 12. Several folks expressed an interest in assisting last time and have asked “when is the next work party?” Please contact Will at or on Facebook if you are interested in helping.


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