Photo Contest Rules & Fine Print

Oct 12, 2020

The Chelmsford Dog Association (CDA) is running a photo contest!

These are the standard rules for all photo contests run by the CDA.


The prize(s) will be a $25 Amazon gift card for the winner.

The CDA may choose to award additional prizes as they see fit.


Anyone with a dog, living in the New England area may enter. CDA Board Members and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.

The dog pictured in the photo must be owned by the submitter of the photo.

Submission Guidelines

Computer Files: Images must be submitted via the contest page – upload function. Images submitted by any other method are not eligible to participate in the contest.

Additional Requirements:  You may submit one image of your dog per contest, unless specified otherwise on the contest page.

You can submit images at any time until the end of the competition. However, as voting is an ongoing thing, late submissions may receive fewer views and thus fewer votes.

By submitting an image of your dog (with or without people in the image) you grant the CDA the irrevocable right to use the image on its website, social media, newsletter(s), and/or any other media outlet. You retain ownership rights of the image at all times. You attest that any people in the image have given their permission for you to include them in the uploaded image.

How to Enter

You must upload via the Contest Entry Form for your photo to be considered. Failure to do so will disqualify you from the contest.

Entries must conform to the Submission Guidelines (above). Entries which fail to do so may be rejected.

The deadline for entries is listed on the individual contest page(s)

There is no fee to enter.

Other Rules and Legal Small Print

We plan to choose one winner based on the votes by the viewers. However, we may choose to select additional runners-up based on votes or other criteria and will provide the runners-up prize to such additional selections. We reserve the right to post our favorite images (winner and non-winner) via social media (including but not limited to Facebook). We reserve the right to add a “contest results” section on our website and social media, and if we display your image, we will link to your website, gallery, Instagram, Facebook page, etc. if you wish to provide such a link.

We will announce the winner via post to social media. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can ask us to keep your name anonymous, and we will respect that!

If your image is not selected as the winner or a runner-up, we may still use it in the future at an unknown time. If so, similar prizes may be awarded and of course, that individual will be notified, announced, and recognized.

In the event we do not receive votes on any images, no winner will be selected. We may offer a consolation prize to the best image by our choice. Additionally, we reserve the right to pick a winner if we determine that voting was insufficient or potentially fraudulent.

These rules may be updated. If they are, update(s) will be prefaced with the date and the text “UPDATE:”.

See the Contest Entry Form for any legal small print specific to the individual contest and be sure to fill out the personal information form when you upload your image!






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