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Jun 14, 2024

The training area of the Chelmsford Dog Park is available for rental.

Rental costs may vary based on the event type, the number of dogs and the duration of the rental.

As of June 15, the CDA is no longer handling the bookings.  All bookings of the rental area must be made through the Town of Chelmsford website.

You must print out this Rental Agreement (agreement updated DEC 2019) and send it to the Town of Chelmsford, with your security deposit and payment, prior to the start of the event. Please note that the Chelmsford Dog Association is acting as facilitator to distribute the rental agreement. The Rental Agreement is a contract with the Town of Chelmsford, not with the CDA. Any adjustments to or concerns with the agreement must be brought up with the Town of Chelmsford, through the Dog Park Advisory Committee (DPAC).

Both the signed agreement and the check (made out to “Town of Chelmsford”) can be mailed to:

Chelmsford Town Clerk
Town Offices
50 Billerica Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824

The conditions for rental are (summarized):

  • $100 security deposit (will be returned at the end of the event, barring any damages).
  • Rental Fee is $35 (up to 2 hours), $50 (up to 4 hours), $100 (up to 8 hours).
  • Liability Insurance (either event specific, general, or possibly home-owners (depending on the policy)).
  • If you are a business using the area, either you or your employees must have Worker’s Compensation coverage.
  • Neither the Town of Chelmsford nor the Chelmsford Dog Association are liable for injury to dogs or people or damage to or loss of property.
  • Renter is responsible for setup, running the event and clean up after the event (including dog waste). Failure to do full cleanup may result in the loss of the security deposit.
  • Access to the Training/Agility area may be limited to event attendees (a sign will be provided to inform regular park users). If access is limited, you may choose to allow food and/or toys in the rental area.



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