Fall Happenings

Fall Happenings

Happy Fall Y’all! Baroo! I love the Fall! It’s also Mama’s favorite season! I celebrated my FOURTH birthday on September...

Jail Time

A Dogs Eye View: Some of Our Dogs Have Done Jail Time. And for this reason, I’ve chosen to protect their true identity by using photo renderings of them. The irony is, the photos still show off their real personalities.

Yes, I know I got fur all over the couch... It's called FURniture, isn't it?

A Dog’s Eye View: Relaunched!

It’s been about three years since I’ve written an article for this series. It’s time I got going again. Our dogs have done countless numbers of noteworthy things that must be chronicled, lest their memory fade away to nothing. Not to mention the exploits of all the other critters that willingly hang out with us.

Dog Day(s) of Summer

Fred Merriam and the Chelmsford Telemedia quad-copter made a special run down to the dog park construction site yesterday to celebrate National Dog Day. They put together this very nice, 10 minute video showing the park progress and current view from the drone.

Dog Park Construction Update (August 7)

Chelmsford Telemedia has apparently acquired a drone, and has posted a flyover video. Fred Merriam has also been taking a series of photos each week, documenting the construction progress of the park. Many thanks to ALL of the folks who have worked (and continue to work) to make the park a reality!

Dog Days of Summer

Baroo! Man, it’s hot today!! Don’t forget to keep those paws on the grass and off the hot black pavement...

New Look!

I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July and had a chance to stop by the Chelmsford Dog Association booth at the Chelmsford Country Fair in the Center! Although we did not march with a float in the parade this year, our loyal members were present and I'll be posting some pictures that they took soon. In the mean time, you might have noticed - We have a new look for the site, to go along with the work that has started on the Dog Park!


OK, here’s my exciting news I wanted to share! Construction on the Chelmsford Dog Park has begun! WOOOOF! Check out...

Summer Updates from Brutus

Hello adoring fans! Baroo! Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather! So far my Summer has...

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