Potential site Walkthrough – Tonight!

Despite the rain (it is supposed to taper off, or at least slow down by this evening), we WILL be having a walkthrough of the DPW site on Richardson Road. Based on our meeting, last month, with town manager, Paul Cohen, this is our best-choice potential site for the dog park in Chelmsford.

Thank you, Everyone

On behalf of the Chelmsford Dog Association, I would like to thank everyone in the community who is helping us with our goal to build a Dog Park for Chelmsford. A special thanks goes to Countryside Veterinary Hospital for hosting our Flea Market in May and to Walgreen's Pharmacy for sponsoring their Second Annual Dog Rally on June 9. These two events raised just over $1300.00, which will be put toward supplies and equipment for the future park.

Walgreens Dog Rally!

Walgreens Dog Rally!

Thanks, everyone, for coming out to the CDA's Second Annual Dog Rally, sponsored by (and at) Walgreens in Chelmsford. Many thanks to all of the vendors and special thanks go out to Walgreens for sponsoring this event for the second year. There are new galleries up with pictures from the Rally as well as all of the wonderful Coloring Page Contest entries.

CDA Coloring Contest

CDA Coloring Contest

2012 CDA Coloring Contest “Scoop the Poop” Campaign -- Share your creativity by coloring our current contest page and sending it to us! You can use crayons, markers, colored pencils – any kind of color is good. One entry per person, please. Contest is open to children ages 12 and under and winners will be selected at the 2nd Annual Dog Rally on June 9.

“Scoop the Poop” Campaign

“Scoop the Poop” Campaign

Most dog owners are responsible and carry bags to clean up after their dogs while on walks or in public spaces. Unfortunately, some are not... The Chelmsford Dog Association is sponsoring a campaign which we are calling "Scoop the Poop".

CDA’s Second Annual Flea Market – Thanks!

Many thanks to everyone that attended or participated in the Flea Market this weekend, and special thanks to Countryside Veterinary Hospital for hosting us.

A Dog’s Eye View: A Plethora of Information for You

I've spent the last two weeks making notes on various things I could write about and it looks something like this: Why don't squirrels get rabies, what is mange, how can I attend the CDA Flea Market at Countryside Vet Hospital this weekend and still grab a burger at the Military Community Covenant Barbeque at Agway happening at the same time. What the devil happened to my keys this time? What's up with the yellow chain gate at Agway? Where did my money go? Isn't there a chocolate cat event on the 18th? Look up moose migration patterns. Pay car insurance.

A note about “minutes”

Just a quick note about the "Meeting Minutes" which are posted to the site here. CDA Meetings are held, usually, once a month. The Secretary takes minutes during the meeting and distributes them to the board for review. An action item for each meeting is for the board to approve the previous month's minutes.

Next CDA Meeting (April 30)

The Next CDA public and board meeting will be held at the Chelmsford Public Library on Monday, April 30 from 7:00 - 9:00. Amongst other agenda items, we will be planning and preparing for the CDA Flea Market (scheduled for May 19) including making signs.

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