Summer Work Party

Jul 16, 2022 | 0 comments

Date/Time Sat, Jul 16 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Chelmsford Dog Park, North Chelmsford MA

The CDA is planning a work-party to do summer-time cleanup and maintenance on the park – On Saturday, July 16, from 8am till Noon.

(The work party will happen in any weather less than a downpour.)

Please respond here or contact us via email or on Facebook if you are interested in helping (or just come on down on Saturday, July 16). (This does qualify as volunteer hours for high school students and the requirements for the National Honor Society as well as “Community Service Hours” for other organizations.)

The park will be CLOSED for normal usage during this work-party, but volunteers can bring their dogs to hang out in the training area while we humans make the park nice for them (and us). [One human will be asked to keep watch on the dogs while the others work – with trade-offs for breaks.]

Things that needs to get done:

  1. All Dog Sand Strip (5 people)
    • Fill in behind the wall with soil from the parking lot pile.
    • Clean out, rake out and remove stones from the sand (rake, bucket)
    • Re-load the sand strip with new sand.
  2. Horizontal Tire/Platform (4-5 people)
    • Transport sand from the pile in the parking lot to fill the layed-down tire on the all dog side. (shovels, cart)
    • The tire needs to be completely filled, including inside the “lip”.
  3. Trash Cleanup (3-4 people)
    • clean up trash in the park (poop, plastic, etc) (grabbers, trashbags)
    • clean up trash in the lot and around the front of the park (grabbers, trahbags)
    • clean up trash behind the park (through DPW gate – long pants) (grabbers, trashbags)
  4. Pee Circles (2-3 people)
    • Turn up existing fill of pee circles (spin-tine tool, pitchfork)
    • Dig out/remove some if needed (shovel, cart)
    • Add Mulch from hill-pile to pee circles (cart, pitchfork)
  5. Little Dog Sand Strip
    • Turn up, loosen sand and remove grass & weeds in sand strip (spin-tine tool, pitchfork)
    • rake out and remove stones (rake, bucket)
    • add sand (from sand pile in parking lot)
  6. Grass Care (2-3 people)
    • Weed Whack to trim the grass around the the fence-lines and other edges
  7. Fence-line repair (2-3 people)
    • Find gaps along fence bottom around park & mark with clothespins (1 person) (clothespins)
    • Add RAP to gaps in fence bottom (2 people) (RAP, shovels, sledgehammer, cart)
  8. Weed Cleanup (2-3 people)
    • Clear “thorn trees” from agility area (1-2 people) (brush cutter or hedge trimmer)
    • Clear weed growth from front area (1-2 people) (brush cutter or hedge trimmer)
    • Clear/pull weeds from mulched hillside. (4-5 people)
  9. Clean up Parking Lot (1-2 people)
    • Pick up the brush from the lot & dispose into the dumpster (gloves)
  10. Fill holes in park (1-2 people) (shovel, cart dirt)
  11. Mount Bat House to park-side of Large Shed (1-2 people) (ladder, screwdriver)
  12. Message Board [All Dog Side Kiosk] (2-3 people)
    • Assemble & mount the plexiglass cover for the corkboard (screwdriver, wrench)
  13. Remove stones from grassed areas of park (2-3 people) (bucket)
  14. Straighten and Space out Parking Blocks (2-3 people) (dolly)
  15. Fill Potholes in lot (2-3 people) (RAP, shovels, sledgehammer, Tamper, cart)
  16. Organize and a catalog equipment in large shed (2-3 people)

Things we need people to bring, to help do this:

  • shovels, leaf and lawn rakes
  • hedge trimmer



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