The park is currently: CLOSED 

Spring is Here!

Share List Baroo!! Hello adoring fans!! I’m so excited about the dog park opening! I know everyone else is too!...

Recognizing Aggressive Behavior at the Dog Park

Share List Baroo! Hello Fans! Please take a few moments to view this educational video about dealing with bully’s in...


Share List Yesterday Mummy had a snow day and got to stay home with me and my little brother! I...


Share List BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a big brother! Mummy and Daddy got me a little doggie brother. Baroo! His name is...

Fall Happenings

Fall Happenings

Share List Happy Fall Y’all! Baroo! I love the Fall! It’s also Mama’s favorite season! I celebrated my FOURTH birthday...

Dog Days of Summer

Share List Baroo! Man, it’s hot today!! Don’t forget to keep those paws on the grass and off the hot...


Share List OK, here’s my exciting news I wanted to share! Construction on the Chelmsford Dog Park has begun! WOOOOF!...

Summer Updates from Brutus

Share List Hello adoring fans! Baroo! Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather! So far my...

Spring…Are You There?

So a couple of weeks ago Mommy and I were on our afternoon walk. Snow had been melting but there was still ice on the ground. We came across a big puddle right in the middle of the sidewalk. It was 6 inches deep! Mommy went walking right through it, so I thought it was safe too... but it wasn't!! There was ice on the sidewalk underneath the water. Mommy didn't tell me! I slipped and face planted right into the puddle. My belly, chin, and face were soaked!!! Mommy didn't get any pictures though because she was so worried about it. I sneezed for 30 minutes after that because I got water up my nose. No fun.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Brutus’ Blog – Brutus Says Hello!

Hello, My name is Brutus and I am a 3 year old, 75lb Swedish Foxhound, but I think I'm a lap dog! My Mom and Dad rescued me as a puppy *Shout out to Humane Society for Greater Nashua! * I am not a Beagle, nor am I part Beagle. I'm very sensitive about it, but Mom and Dad like to tease me sometimes and call me a "Regal Beagle" as I sit on the stair landing like King of the house. We live in Chelmsford and I can't wait until the park opens for the doggies! We will have so much fun!

Brutus’ Blog

Share List One of CDA’s very own furry babies will be featured in his own blog. Stay tuned for updates!