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Brutus’ Blog

Spring is Here!

Written By: on April 26, 2016

Baroo!! Hello adoring fans!! I’m so excited about the dog park opening! I know everyone else is too! My mommy and all of her friends ask that everyone have patience…


Written By: on February 6, 2016

Yesterday Mummy had a snow day and got to stay home with me and my little brother! I had fun in the snow, but Benny was a little unsure…


Written By: on January 28, 2016

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a big brother! Mummy and Daddy got me a little doggie brother. Baroo! His name is Benny. We love to wrestle and have fun! He’s a little over…

Fall Happenings

Written By: on October 5, 2015

Happy Fall Y’all! Baroo! I love the Fall! It’s also Mama’s favorite season! I celebrated my FOURTH birthday on September 12! I had so much fun. Mommy and Daddy took…

Dog Days of Summer

Written By: on July 19, 2015

Baroo! Man, it’s hot today!! Don’t forget to keep those paws on the grass and off the hot black pavement when taking a walk outside! Mommy Daddy and I went…


Written By: on July 3, 2015

OK, here’s my exciting news I wanted to share! Construction on the Chelmsford Dog Park has begun! WOOOOF! Check out more pictures of construction progress! click —> HERE   -Brutus

Spring…Are You There?

Written By: on April 8, 2015

So a couple of weeks ago Mommy and I were on our afternoon walk. Snow had been melting but there was still ice on the ground. We came across a big puddle right in the middle of the sidewalk. It was BIG…no really…like 6 inches deep! Mommy went walking right through it, so I thought it was safe too… but it wasn’t!! There was ice on the sidewalk underneath the water. Mommy didn’t tell me! I slipped and face planted right into the puddle. My belly, chin, and face were soaked!!! Mommy didn’t get any pictures though because she was so worried about it. I sneezed for 30 minutes after that because I got water up my nose. No fun.

Brutus’ Blog – Brutus Says Hello!

Written By: on March 16, 2015

Hello, My name is Brutus and I am a 3 year old, 75lb Swedish Foxhound, but I think I’m a lap dog! My Mom and Dad rescued me as a puppy *Shout out to Humane Society for Greater Nashua! * I am not a Beagle, nor am I part Beagle. I’m very sensitive about it, but Mom and Dad like to tease me sometimes and call me a “Regal Beagle” as I sit on the stair landing like King of the house. We live in Chelmsford and I can’t wait until the park opens for the doggies! We will have so much fun!

Brutus’ Blog

Written By: on February 24, 2015

One of CDA’s very own furry babies will be featured in his own blog. Stay tuned for updates!