Fisher "Cat"

A Dog’s Eye View: The Mysterious Fisher “Cat”

The fisher (Martes pennanti), is relatively common in many areas despite the fact that it was once eliminated from Massachusetts. Considered by many to be a strictly wilderness species, the fisher is now appearing in more populated areas. Alert, secretive, and solitary, there is no question the fisher has made an amazing comeback in the commonwealth. As with other wildlife species, problems with fishers may sometimes arise.

A Dogs Eye View - Cat and Duster

A Dog’s Eye View: What to Do With All This Stuff

You're looking around your house because you've just vacuumed and that's about as far as this Spring Cleaning Project is gonna get today. Where did all this stuff come from? Who put it here? This is akin to asking: Who are these kids, and why are they calling me "Mom"?

Bear & Cubs

A Dog’s Eye View looks at Bears in the Spring

One of the side effects of modern living is that there are a lot of homes where there used to be woods and scrubby fields. This has led to a steady increase in wildlife sightings in many areas. Deer are seen trying to cross the road more often. Folks in the Westlands have seen moose. Wild turkeys are everywhere, and last Halloween, there was a bear on the loose.


A Dog’s Eye View: It’s Chicken Season

Tis the season for ordering chicks. I've already received my chick catalog, and Agway's got their sign out, too. Tractor Supply Store gets them by the bucketload. And they are so adorable when they weigh 1.5 ounces-the little peeps bring out the sappy side of you from the cockles of your twisted heart. They make you say, awwwww, and they aren't expensive to buy. It's incredibly easy to fall into the trap I call "owning chickens."

Malacky: Winner of the 2012 Westminster Dog Show

A Dog’s Eye View: Congratulations to Malacky

Best wishes to the little Pekingnese dog that won this year's Westminster Dog Show. None of my dogs looked impressed by his victory. I, on the other hand was ecstatic. I need one these dogs. Right now, in my house. This is the most awesome dustcatcher I have ever seen. Looks like he can move pretty fast, too. I like it.


A Dog’s Eye View looks at Falconry

After multiple writers blocks on the "How to Break up a Dog Fight" post, I decided to change the subject completely, based on a presentation I saw at the Chelmsford Conservation Commission's meeting on Tuesday night. Wendy Pavlicek & Diane Welch, members of the Massachusetts Falconry and Hawk Trust were there with their Red-tailed hawks requesting permission to be allowed to do controlled hunting with their birds in conservation areas.

A Dog’s Eye View: People and Dogs

This weeks piece comes from, and the site has a lot of common sense information for putting the two together. Even folks that don't feel comfortable around dogs will find this site useful, since these days it can hard not to see a dog somewhere.

A Dog’s Eye View: The Perfect Dog Park

After seeing all the great enthusiastic responses to the “What’s Your Dog’s Name?” poll, and after spending weeks poring over web articles about designing and defending Dog Parks in general, it occurred to me there is a very dedicated dog audience on Patch, that stretches across many towns! The Chelmsford Dog Association folks have been working on getting a Dog Park for Chelmsford for over two years now. So where's the Dog Park in Chelmsford? Believe it or not, we're narrowing in on it.

A Dog’s Eye View Says: Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

I’m back! A lot has happened since I blogged last (Blogged? Isn’t that what Huskies do through snow?) Moving right...

A Dog's Eye View: Resources for Lost Animals

A Dog’s Eye View: Resources for Lost Animals

You are a kind soul, and you have offered to take care of a friend or family member’s cat, dog, rabbit,...

A Dog’s Eye View Looks at Dog Scouting

I received an e-mail from a man named Jim Helms yesterday, and one of his titles was “Dog Scoutmaster, Troop...

A Dog's Eye View - Dog Fights & Dog Bites

A Dog’s Eye View: Dog Fights and Dog Bites – What to Do?

This is an area where size doesn’t matter. Any dog of any size can bite, and rest assured, it’s gonna hurt. Now...

A Dog's Eye View - Let's Go Camping

A Dog’s Eye View: Let’s Go Camping

Several weekends ago we went camping in Maine, with all four of our dogs, a tent, and a trailer full...

A Dog's Eye View Looks at the Little Critters

A Dog’s Eye View Looks at the Little Critters

Karma seems to be directing me this week. It started when I got an e-mail asking if my daughter was...

A Dog's Eye View: Oh, look! Dog Poop....

A Dog’s Eye View: Oh, look! Dog Poop….

Depending on the moment, you can insert the tone and inflection of your voice for the title of this masterpiece in...


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