About the Chelmsford Dog Association

The Chelmsford Dog Association is a non-profit organization made up of residents from Chelmsford and surrounding towns, organized to help promote, build, and support the maintenance of the off-leash dog park in town as well as to promote responsible pet ownership and educate local pet owners.

Membership in the CDA is not required to use the Chelmsford Dog Park or to attend most CDA events.

However, by joining the CDA, your membership fee will go to support our mission to maintain the park as well as sponsor educational presentations, community outreach and provide other support for local dog owners.

Download, print, fill out and mail (or email) the CDA Membership Application to us, along with your membership dues.

Membership forms can be mailed to
Chelmsford Dog Association
PO Box 491
North Chelmsford, MA 01863
or handed to one of the board members at a CDA event or meeting.

We need your support!

The Chelmsford Dog Park costs approximately $12,000 a year to maintain, and is maintained by volunteers! We need your help to keep the park going.

Policies & Committees

The standard legal stuff that any official organization needs.


If you are interested in helping us put on an event, then please contact the Membership & Volunteers Committee and they’ll work with you to match you up with things you can do and things that we need done.

Our Sponsors

Many individuals and businesses have made significant donations of money, structures, services, or equipment at the Chelmsford Dog Park.

Our Mission

The Chelmsford Dog Association supports responsible dog ownership by providing a venue for recreation, exercise, socialization and education for dogs and owners in the community

We promote and support:

  • Proper exercise and socialization of dogs to ensure psychologically and physically healthy dogs; leading to beneficial relationships with their families, neighbors and the community.
  • Availability of legal, off-leash recreational areas for dogs to properly exercise in a safe and clean environment.
  • Education and informational resources for dog owners and the community to encourage acceptable dog behavior.
  • The rights and interests of dog owners and fostering the dog owner community.
  • The health, welfare and humane treatment of dogs.

Who are we?


PO Box 491
North Chelmsford, MA 01863




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