About the Chelmsford Dog Association

The Chelmsford Dog Association is a non-profit organization made up of residents from Chelmsford and surrounding towns, organized to help promote and support the maintenance of the off-leash dog park in town as well as to promote responsible pet ownership and educate local pet owners.

Mission Statement:

The Chelmsford Dog Association supports responsible dog ownership by providing a venue for recreation, exercise, socialization and education for dogs and owners in the community.

We promote and support:

  • Proper exercise and socialization of dogs to ensure psychologically and physically healthy dogs; leading to beneficial relationships with their families, neighbors and the community.
  • Availability of legal, off-leash recreational areas for dogs to properly exercise in a safe and clean environment.
  • Education and informational resources for dog owners and the community to encourage acceptable dog behavior.
  • The rights and interests of dog owners and fostering the dog owner community.
  • The health, welfare and humane treatment of dogs.

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