Weir Hill Reservation, Cochichewick Loop

Feb 27, 2024 | Hikes and other fun

So, this was a long loop of a trail. Entering from the “Stevens Estate” lot, there is a short “feeder” trail to get to the main reservation area. I DEFINITELY suggest heading to the LEFT as you start the loop trail. The left starts with several hills, so take them on while you are still fresh. The section to the right (where we ended up finishing) was a much flatter path and would have throw us at the hillsides after already walking 5 miles.

The third (or so) slope led to an open hillside with a nice view and some large stone blocks set there to take a break after climbing the slopes, as Maizey demonstrates.

Dogs are REQUIRED to be ON-LEASH for the start of this trail and you should be ready to control and put your dogs back on-leash in the sections where it is not required but you encounter other dogs who are on-leash. We ended up going off-leash about a third of the way through the loop, after leaving the Weir Hill Reservation property (and went back on-leash when we re-entered, but also were on-leash in a section in which the path goes through people’s back yards.)
We didn’t encounter many people or dogs on the back-side of the trail loop – most seemed to stick with the short trails within the Weir Reservation itself.

The trails are well-marked (for the most part.) Although tracking with the All-Trails app did show us going down the wrong trail for our loop a few times, the correct path was easily recovered. It should be noted that this loop, as marked in All-Trails is actually a combination of several different trails.

Half-Mile Hill, about half-way through the loop was an effort – but there are a set of Adirondack chairs conveniently placed at the top, before the path heads back into the woods. As you can see, the view from the chairs was gorgeous.

The trails were actually VERY muddy. The Osgood Trail section, after Half-Mile Hill was literally flooded in spots – So wear waterproof shoes!

Once you get down to the lake-side, there are sections with a raised wooden walkway. If you dog likes the water, please do remember that the lake is a reservoir of drinking water and dogs are not allowed to swim in it.


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