Georgetown-Rowley State Forest

Feb 19, 2024 | Hikes and other fun

We took a hike through the Georgetown-Rowley State forest along with another friend and dog.

The path was NOT well-marked. As you can see from the walked-trail on the map, we missed the trail as suggested by the All-Trails app. Additionally, we ended up heading down the left path to start, but the turning around to go back to the missed fork, because the trail we were on never looped back. On the right-hand path of the fork, we also had to turn around, because the trail was called “Swamp Path” — and it was. With the still freezing temps at night, the swamp path was MOSTLY iced, but the warm temps made that “mostly” into a hazard which were were not equipped (footwear-wise) to deal with.

The dogs were off-leash the entire trip and really enjoyed the experience. Aside from the flooded Swamp Path, the trail is well-kept and clean. There were a few hills, but this was a pretty easy hike.

In all, the G-R State forest is a very nice set of hiking trails, as long as you have a map guidance to find your way back when you inevitably get lost down a side-trail.

Parking at the trail-head is tight.


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