Cranberry Bogs (Chelmsford/Carlisle)

Feb 10, 2024 | Hikes and other fun

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new feature of the CDA webpage.
I’ve recently started looking for places to take my dog, Maizey, for some outdoor exercise other than the park. The idea is that both of us get some exercise and SHE gets tired and behaves for the rest of the day. In this blog series, I’ll leave some reviews and comments about the places that we go to.

The first place we started with was right here in town. The Cranberry Bog Reservation stretches between Chelmsford and Carlisle. There is parking on Elm Street in Chelmsford and on Curve Street in Carlisle. The loop is just over 2 miles — but, be aware, there are several dead end trails that end in private back yards. We ended up cutting back to the street and walking back to the Elm Street parking that way.
Carlisle allows off-leash dogs – but Chelmsford requires on-leash – so be prepared to put the leash on when you start or cross into the Chelmsford section.

In mid-February, the trails were pretty clear. There was a bit of mud in places and some ice in others – very little (although some) snow remained. If/Once you go off-leash, be careful. The bogs are still iced over, but not well. The last thing anyone needs is to have to rescue a dog who broke through – so keep your dogs close and on the path.

Over all, a nice, easy walk through woods and bog meadow. The place is very green and very pretty during the spring and summer — but that also comes with a high tick threat – so check yourself and your dog(s) after visiting during tick season. The standing water in the bogs also leads to a high mosquito count, especially as the sun starts going down.


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