Chelmsford Dog Park 2024 Calendar Contest

Oct 26, 2023 | Announcement

Photos must be under 2MB, in GIF, JPG or PNG format. The picture must be between 800px and 2000px in height and width. 
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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over



  • Individuals can submit as many pictures as they want. The month for the entry must be chosen at submission.
  • Individuals are encouraged but not required to submit pictures of their dogs AT the Chelmsford Dog Park and/or with appropriate backgrounds or outfits for the chosen month of the submission. (e.g. a dog at the park in the snow with a sweater would be a GREAT shot for January.) In the end, the voting will determine the winner.
  • It is desired that submissions are pictures are of dogs who attend the Chelmsford Dog Park.
  • Pictures of dog(s) which we identify as living in other parts of the country or world will be removed without notice.
  • Pictures MUST be of dog(s). Pictures which include humans will be removed without notice.
  • By submitting a picture in this contest, you attest that you have the right to distribute the image which you submitted. You grant the Chelmsford Dog Association the right to use, reuse and republish the picture without restriction.
  • Submissions and voting will run until December 1. The winning entries will be submitted and the CDP Calendars available for order in the CDA Online Store by December 10.
  • Voters can submit one vote for their favorite image per category (month)
  • Any month which does not have any submissions may have a non-winning picture from another month chosen by the CDA Board or other image used. Any month which does not have a submission with votes may have a non-winning picture chosen from the submissions in that month.

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