Kathy’s Tips & Trails: Grassy Pond (Westford)

Hi Everyone!

Hiking season is starting, so let’s talk about some more trails.

If you haven’t been to Grassy Pond in Westford, it’s worth a visit. Well, actually, it’s worth another visit, even if you have been there before.

This is a short trail, only 0.6 mile, but it is beautiful. It has what they call a Life Course trail, as you walk you will find signs suggesting that you to do a specific exercise at that spot. You will also find picnic tables and a stone bench during your walk, all set at areas where you can enjoy views of the wildlife that visits the pond (although, you might see less wildlife, depending on how noisy or active your dogs are being).

This walk goes completely around the pond and is gorgeous. The dogs love it; they can go in the pond and we can picnic after.

Parking is available off Plain Road near Villanova Drive,

Remember to have your dog on leash in all common areas and enjoy the friendly dogs and people you will meet here.

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