CDA Meeting Minutes 11/11/2021

Dec 10, 2021 | Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Dog Association
Board Meeting and Election Minutes

Virtual Online meeting using Zoom Meeting ID: 766-514-403
November 11, 2021  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting
  4. Elections (2 spots)
    • PJ and Lisa are the only remaining nominees
    • We have one position which has a year remaining in the term due to a resignation.
  5. Officer Reports
    • President’s Report (State of the Organization)
    • Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. CDA FB Page:
      2. CDA Website: last 30 days à
      3. Claimed CDP on Yelp
      4. Updated hours on Facebook, Google, Yelp
      5. No recent minutes to publish (since June)
    • Treasurer’s Report (Will)
      1. $ Bank
      2. Automated receipts (PayPal)
        + $(renewed membership) + $(recurring) + $(recurring)
      3. (-) fees ($(pp))
      4. Deposits:
        $(cash – from Howl’ween, see below),
        $(cashier’s check, donation, see below)
        $ (xfer from Venmo)
        $ (xfer from Square)
      5. Income:
        1. $ returned (PayPal non-delivery case resolution)
        2. Donation: $received from anonymous donor
      6. Howl’ween:
        ($ starting cash)
        +$ cash from event
        +$ from vendors
        +$ from Park boxes
        -$ Total foods cost (reimbursed)
        -$ for food purchase
        +$ from Wagners for perishable items that we will use
        $ (after fees) on Venmo (Oct 17) ($50)
        $ (after fees) on Venmo (Oct 23) (2x$10)
        $ (after fees) on Square ($31)
        = $ total for event + $from a previous week donation.
      7. Expenses
        Park Supplies: poop can liners & bags (none this month)
        Purchases: ($ ($ Amazon – replacement drills & toolset
        National Grid: (autopay confirmed) ($)
  6. Committee Reports
    • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Donations
        • See financials, above
        • K9 Lifestyles promised a donation of $/month but has not been received since 1st one in May.
      2. Pennies for Puppies jars in local businesses
      3. Howl’ween (Oct 23) – SUCCESSFUL EVENT!
    • Educational/Seminars
    • Volunteers
    • Memberships
  7. Old Business
    • Liability Waivers for Board and regular volunteers (collected, scanned, stored)
    • Park Maintenance
      1. Work Party for raking/cleanup? (no need to close park)
      2. Small dog side was mowed beginning of November
      3. Do we need to mow the all-dog side or rental area?
      4. Flex-seal the feet of the picnic tables?
      5. Plastic chairs put away in big shed
      6. Irrigation blown out for winter by town plumber at the start of November
      7. Plumber has not yet closed out the park water pipes. Water fountains are all turned OFF at this point, however.
    • Equipment maintenance
      1. 1 push-mower (Toro) is fixed. John Deere push-mower is still broken.
      2. Blades on the push mower and the riding mower need to be sharpened. Send for maintenance to Ed’s Lawnmower in the Spring or find someone who can do it as a volunteer.
      3. Closet: Added support dowels for shelves. Need to caulk/seal siding on sides which is showing gaps.
    • November newsletter sent
    • Purchase 2 convertible benches for Small dog side? (Replace picnic table under pavilion?)
  8. New Business
    • Plowing
  9. Next Meeting(s)
    • Dec 9 (?)
    • Jan 13 – Officer position appointments
  10. Adjournment

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