CDA Meeting Minutes 09/10/2020

Jan 14, 2021 | Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Dog Association
Board Meeting Minutes

Virtual Online meeting using Zoom Meeting ID: 766-514-403
September 10, 2020 6:30 PM

  1. Call to order 6:34pm
  2. Roll call
    • Present Kathy, Joyce, Will, Lisa and Frank
  3. Approval of minutes from previous meetings
    • Minutes approval for July.
    • Proposed by: Kathy
    • Seconded: Joyce
    • Vote: unanimous
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President’s Report (Will)
    2. Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. CDA FB Page:
      2. CDA Website: See Google report
    3. Treasurer’s Report
      1. ($ Bank) ($ PayPal)
      2. Deposits & Debits
      3. (-) Zoom subscription— paid for a year as of September 21. We no longer have monthly fee.
      4. (+) registrations for Howl’ween
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Fundraising/Events Committee Report (Kathy, Executive Director)
      1. Donations (No donations)
      2. Mobile phones? (Final collection?) (pending) Kari has phones
      3. Phase III Brick orders – orders are complete (7 4×8, 3 8×8)
        paid for bricks plus $ for processing fee.
        order resulted in $ for organization.
      4. Pet CPR+
        Postponed. New date TBD with trainer after “limited gatherings” restrictions are lifted (class is 25 people).
      5. Doggie Photo Shoot
        Postponed. New date TBD.
        Chris moved to Cape Cod. We need to find new photographe.
      6. Cars & Canines (Frank Rondeau) (Sept 19, 10-2)
        • On plan.   Will to remind DPW so they will open the lot.
        • Rain date September 20. Parking lot of DPW will be used for cars. Approximately 35 cars may show up. Capacity for event could go over 75. State capacity is at 50. 
        • We will keep track of people in attendance. Address is 54 Richardson. Set up at 9am. Event starts at 10. We need to show layout to Frank. Tents in fron cars in back.  We need to maintain 6 ft from each other or wear a mask. 
        • Volunteers: Jill will be getting volunteers from SalesForce. Kathy will oversee coffee donated by CDA. We need 2 or 3 more volunteers. One to direct parking for non show overflow. Watching dog gate in and out.
        • CDA will man the LHS table. Crystal has been contacted for supplies. 
        • Frank has a company that will provide cold brew. Kathy will serve coffee from CDA.
        • Kathy will have gloves and mask on. 
        • Will to purchase disposable gloves. Will to act as floater. Kathy to purchase hand sanitizer. Will is Serve Safe certified. We don’t need town permit for coffee.
        • Need garbage container, 1 cash box and 1 donation box. Square is in cash box.
        • Event posted on Chelmsford Face Book groups. Noted in Newsletter. Noted on Dog Park group and CDA FB Page
      7. Howl’ween (Oct 10)
        • Original plan was to use the rental area. Spacing requirements means we will be using the main park.   If more than 3 vendors use all dog area of park. DPAC shutting  down park for October 1 program. Week before decide which area of park to use. Flyers and Programs (with vendors listed) need to be created.
        • Need to finalize the program, schedule & flyers.
        • Grill (Kathy) —   do we want to do food, despite mask requirements/restrictions
          • We will not have food.
        • Vendors (Will) —  1 (+2?) signed up so far. 2nd Call for Vendors sent this week 
          • K9 paid, Vivian Dog Reiki. Greyhound rescue not participating.
        • Reminder Crystal about CDA needing an event bin.
        • Event is 11 to 2.
        • Games? We will have other games.
          • Will have carnival games. Bean bag throw. Spray down bean bags.
        • Volunteers (Joyce)?
          • Total of 9 volunteers needed.
          • Jill has requested 4 volunteers from Salesforce
        • Frank Peabody will be dining DJ ing. Cara Zipoli is photographer. 
        • We need all 4 tents. Lisa Grasso has access to key. 
        • Howl’ween signs in the shed.
        • Kathy to order medals.
          • Motion to purchase medals.
          • motion by Joyce, 2nd Kathy
          • vote: Unanimous
        • Kathy to ask her daughter to create artwork for flyer
    2. Volunteers/Membership (Joyce, Chairperson, Executive Director)
      • CDA Memberships:
        • 38Current Members
        • -48 members non-renwed this year
        • Reminder/Re-invite email – Joyce? Joyce to contact previous members of CDA.
          • Mail chimp: 40 members, 2 memberships via Paypal. 46 none for 6 months.
          • Sending out reminders. Not renewed for January or August. 
          • Joyce will create Letter to send out to members who have not renewed. 
          • Along the lines of Hey I miss you. 
            We have noticed you haven’t renewed your membership.
          • Target 46 people who haven’t renewed. This letter will sent via mail chimp. 
          • Joyce to actively recruit volunteers after November
      • Volunteer Organization plans:
        • Joyce to secure volunteers for upcoming events.
        • For Howl’ween volunteers need to be available for setup and Breakdown.
        • Will to send out Newsletter to mailing list.
        • 700 on mailing list including CDA membership on mailing list. That adds another 90 names. 10 bounced/unscubscribed Final distribution mailing list is 780.
  6. Old Business/Open Issues
    1. Pins (Tabled – no action
    2. Flagpoles at CDP
      • Will to rent equipment 
      • Will needs 4 volunteers. Renting an auger. Purchasing cement.
      • Hours 10 to 2. Small dogs will be moved to agility.
      • One pole for the park flag and one pole for the State Flag. 
        Flag poles in small shed. 
      • Going to try to schedule for Oct 3  We will be looking for volunteers. We will not use Marines.
        • Small dog side will be closed for ~4 hours
        • Need to purchase a Mass State flag
  7. New Business
    1. Friends have not had a meeting since February. 
    2. Picnic table donated by Len Olin needs to have seat fixed. Broken during a storm when table was up against fence. Paul LaMadeline to work with Lou. Joyce requested Lisa Grasso to work with Lou to fix bench.
    3. Plexiglass cover on small kiosk side is broken.
    4. Where are keys to bulletin board on all dog side?
    5. Tools have been left outside.
  8. Next Meeting(s)
    • October 8 scheduled
  9. Adjournment 7:31pm.

The park will be closing shortly (dusk)

The Chelmsford Dog Park is located at:
52 Richardson Rd, North Chelmsford

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