New Survey for Massachusetts Dog Parks: Usage, Perceived Benefits and Successes

Jun 16, 2020 | Announcement

In 2017-2018, a version of this survey was conducted specifically for the Chelmsford Dog Park. The information was beneficial toward guiding the goals of the CDA in the development of the Chelsmford Dog Park.

We’re now re-running the survey to gather results from a wider audience and for a number of different town dog parks in the state. We are interested in finding out about your perceptions of your local dog park and other area dog parks.

We would like to receive feedback from both local users and non-users of the local Dog Parks as well as non-local users of the dog parks who travel from other communities. This information may be shared among the groups responsible for maintaining some of the dog parks mentioned in the questions below so we’d really like to get as much input as possible. Share this post and link far-and-wide among any folks you know in Massachusetts who are interested in expressing their opinions about the dog park(s).

There are different questions depending on some choices as you answer. There are a maximum of 41 questions, plus 7 demographic questions.



here’s the link to share:


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