CDA Meeting Minutes 07/09/2020

Sep 11, 2020 | Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Dog Association
Board Meeting Minutes

Virtual Online meeting using Zoom Meeting ID: 766-514-403
July 9, 2020 6:30 PM

  1. Call to order 6:34pm
  2. Roll call
    • Present Kathy, Joyce, Will and Kari
  3. Approval of minutes from previous meetings
    • Minutes approval for February, May and June.
    • Proposed by: Joyce
    • Seconded: Kari
    • Vote: unanimous
    • April is not done
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President’s Report (Will)
    2. Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. CDA FB Page:
      2. CDA Website: See analytics
    3. Treasurer’s Report
      1. ($ Bank) ($ – PayPal)
      2. Deposits & Debits
      3. (-) Zoom subscription—double billed, working on clearing it up
      4. (-) Reimbursement to Kari for LHS Basket via PayPal.
      5. (-) custom CDP flag (contest winner)
      6. (+) Donation check from Anita, Donation check from George Dixson
      7. Collected $ for MSCPA – Kathy donated $ to MSCPA.
      8. Received $100.00 from SalesForce. matching previous donation from Jill & Will in May.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Fundraising/Events Committee Report (Kathy, Executive Director)
      1. Donations to MSCPA Methuen
        (+) Donation check from Anita, Donation check from George Dixon
        Collected $ for MSCPA Kathy donated 180.00 to MSCPA.
      2. Mobile phonesPA? (Final collection?) (pending) Kari has phones
      3. Phase III Brick orders – orders are complete (9 orders)
        Will to place the official order with the brick maker next week
      4. Pet CPR+
        Postponed. New date TBD.
        Will to contact trainer in August.
      5. Doggie Photo Shoot
        Postponed. New date TBD. (suggest Sept) – pending Chris’ availability.
        Chris is no longer available.
      6. Cars & Canines (Frank Rondeau) (Sept 19)
        DPW has given CDA permission to use DPW parking area.
        Agility area will be used.
      7. Howl’ween (Oct 10)
        • We will use the rental area.
        • We need power cords and water
        • Need to start promoting
        • Seeking Vendors (Will to send out RFI in July) Looking for 5 to 10 vendors.
        • Joyce will find 3 judges.
        • Event runs from 11 to 2pm
        • CJ and Vivian have already signed up.
        • Judging will take place at 1pm.
        • There will be no rain date.
        • Need approximate 10 people to work event. Joyce to secure volunteers.
          Food needs 2, rafles 2 and Money 1. 4 ro 5 for other assignments.
        • Joyce to ask Cara Zipoli to take candid pictures at Howl’ween.
        • Kathy to ask Mary to take pictures of dogs and owners with Howl’ween decorations.
        • For Howl’ween CDA to borrow mums from Jones Farm. No hay to be used this year.
    2. Volunteers/Membership (Joyce, Chairperson, Executive Director)
      • CDA Memberships:
        • 45 Current Members (41+4)
        • Reminder/Re-invite email – Joyce? Joyce to contact previous members of CDA.
      • Volunteer Organization plans:
        • Joyce to secure volunteers for upcoming events.
        • For Howl’ween volunteers need to be available for setup and Breakdown.
        • Will to send out Newsletter to mailing list.
        • 700 on mailing list including CDA membership on mailing list. That adds another 90 names. 10 bounced/unscubscribed Final distribution mailing list is 780.
  6. Old Business/Open Issues
    1. Pins (Tabled – no action) Table to August
    2. Flagpoles at CDP
      • Need to make arrangements with Kari for 2 marines to help (?)
      • Rent the auger and cement mixer Cost will be $
    3. dog park flag – ordered.
    4. Will to order state flag from Amazon
  7. New Business
    1. Kathy is having a friend rebuild the cart. It will be decorated with CDA signage.
      Cart will be used at upcoming CDA events. Supplies & wood. Total cost will be under $.
      There will a wooden dog bone on each side of cart. Kathy’s friend to paint CDA on bones.
    2. CDA Shirts. Looking for Adult Style Polo. Light Grey. All cotton, 80/20. CDA logon on upper left chest.
    3. Discussed: CDA magnets. Kathy suggested magnets to display temps to hot for dogs in summer. Temps to cold for dogs in winter.
      no decision
    4. Contact Police to see if meetings can be held there.
  8. Next Meeting(s)
    • August 20 scheduled
  9. Adjournment 7:13pm.

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