CDA Meeting Minutes 05/14/2020

Jun 12, 2020 | Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Dog Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Virtual Online meeting using Zoom Meeting ID: 766-514-403

May 14, 2020  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order 6:55 pm
  2. Roll call
    • Kathy, Will, Joyce, Kathy and Kari
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting
    • No minutes presented.
  4. Officer Reports
    • President’s Report (Will)
      • discussed COVID restrictions and plans for future virtual meetings
    • Website and Media Report (Will)
      • CDA FB Page:    
      • CDA Website: See analytics ?
      • Blurbs about everyone. Are they done?
      • Article about Beth Logan was posted on CDP web page. Will what was the name of the article??
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • ($ Bank) ($ – PayPal)
      • Received ($ in PayPal donation from Will & Jill for Pantry)
      • Payments ($ to Kathy for Reimbursement, $ for Zoom)
      • Still need to transfer $ to FCDP
      • Paypal – shift control of account (completed)
  5. Committee Reports
    • Fundraising/Events Committee Report (Kathy, Executive Director)
      • Kathy proposed CDA Board members have shirts at outreach events.
        Suggested Polo Shirts with CDA logo.
        We will look into 100% cotton as well as Lycra.
        Will to send Kari the logo.
        Shirt to be gray with black logo.
        Joyce will also contact a vendor.
      • Donations ??
      • Mobile phones?
        (Final collection?) (pending) Kari has one more phone.
      • Phase III Brick orders
        • (orders continue (only 6 (4+2) so far)) Bricks to close at the end of May.
        • Joyce to make announcements on CDA page and CDP group page.
        • Orders can be placed till May 31.
      • Pet CPR+ (WAS April 25)
        • New date TBD.
      • Doggie Photo Shoot (WAS May 6 & May 9) (September?)
        • New date TBD. (suggest Sept)
      • Cars & Canines (Frank Rondeau) (June 27 (28 raindate)
        • May need to consider rescheduling this, depending on restrictions and Park status. Event has been postponed. No new date scheduled.
      • Muddy Paws – Still on (end of May) – now VIRTUAL! So no tables.
    • Volunteers/Membership (Joyce, Chairperson, Executive Director) Nothing to report.
      1. CDA Memberships:
        • 55 Current Members
        • -28 members non-renewed in February/March, -2 more in April
      2. Reminder/Re-invite email?
      3. Volunteer Organization plans:
        • Tabled until state restrictions are lifted
  6. Old Business/Open Issues
    • Pins (Tabled – no action)
    • Flagpoles at CDP (Tabled – no action until park is reopened) Zip ties have  been put on gates to prevent entrance to park.
    • Contest for the design of a dog park flag
      • 1 repsonse. – review – send prize?
      • Maybe start a second contest for flag. Open up to a wider audience with no age restriction. Start in July
    • Transfer of Physical Assets to FCDP (tabled pending inventory after park is reopened) CDA owns everything until transfer of property.
    • Weekly Pantry efforts… Kathy and Joyce have been collecting pet food and distributing at Chelmsford Food Pantry on Wednesdays from 3pm to 8pm.
  7. New Business
    • Actions we (the CDA) can take during the restrictions? Virtual fundraising and seminars. 7:
    • Zoom meeting Seminar on June 10th. Marjie Alonso Executive Director of IAABC. Discussion about Virtual Dog Training – take it or leave it
  8. Next Meeting(s)
    • June 11 scheduled
  9. Adjournment 7:35pm

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