CDA Meeting Minutes 04/09/2020

May 14, 2020 | Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Dog Association
Board Meeting Minutes

Virtual Online meeting using Zoom Meeting ID: 766-514-403
April 9, 2020  6:30 PM

    1. Call to order
    2. Roll call
    3. Approval of minutes from last meeting
      1. March meeting was cancelled due to COVID. Shift to online/virtual meetings during pandemic.
    4. Officer Reports
      1. President’s Report (Will)
      2. Website and Media Report (Will)
        1. CDA FB Page:  
        2. CDA Website: See google report ? 
      3. Treasurer’s Report
        1. ($ + $ Bank) ($  PayPal)
        2. Received ($ AmazonSmile), ($ in paypal for brick orders)
        3. Payments ($ to Town of Chelmsford for hall rental, $ for filebox, $ for Zoom)
        4. Still need to transfer $ to FCDP
        5. Paypal – shift control of account (in process)
    5. Committee Reports
      1. Fundraising/Events Committee Report (Kathy, Executive Director)
        1. Donations
        2. Mobile phones? (Final collection?) (pending)
        3. Phase III Brick orders
          (orders continue (only 6 (4+2) so far))
        4. Pet CPR+ (WAS April 25)
          1. Postponed. New date TBD with trainer after “no gatherings” restrictions are lifted.
            All attendees have been informed that April 25 is no longer happening.
        5. Doggie Photo Shoot (WAS May 6 & May 9) (September?)
          1. It is unlikely that the restrictions will be lifted nor the dog park open by this date.
          2. Need to reschedule with Chris.
        6. Cars & Canines (Frank Rondeau) (June 27 (28 raindate)
          1. May need to consider rescheduling this, depending on restrictions and Park status.
          2. Suggest that we table for April and revisit in May.
        7. Muddy Paws – Still on (end of May)
      2. Volunteers/Membership (Joyce, Chairperson, Executive Director)
        1. CDA Memberships:  
          1. 57 Current Members
          2. -28 members non-renewed in February/March
        2. Volunteer organization plans
    6. Old Business/Open Issues
      1. Pins (Tabled – no action)
      2. Flagpoles at CDP (Tabled – no action until park is reopened)
      3. Contest for the design  of a dog park flag
        1. No responses yet…..
      4. Transfer of Physical Assets to FCDP (tabled pending inventory after park is reopened)
    7. New Business
      1. Actions we (the CDA) can take during the restrictions?
    8. Next Meeting(s)
      1. May 14 scheduled
    9. Adjournment

The park will be closing shortly (dusk)

The Chelmsford Dog Park is located at:
52 Richardson Rd, North Chelmsford

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