Training Area Rentals

Feathers & Tails

Hello everyone!

The CDA is thrilled to announce that Feathers & Tails Pet Care will be renting the “training area” from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, starting July 22, 2019.

Although they might not be present during that entire period, every day, the training area has been rented to them for their use only. This means that when they are present, that area is CLOSED for normal park use. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation by leaving that area if trainees do show up.

As a reminder, since the training area has been rented, the renter is entitled to suspend normal park rules in that space. They may be using treats and toys in that area during their rental time. This does not change the normal rules for any other part of the park.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


Feathers & Tails

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