Spring Work Party and Poop-a-poo-looza

We are planning a Poop-a-poo-looza and work-party to do spring-time cleanup maintenance on the park – On Saturday, April 27, from 8 till 12.

(The work party will happen in any weather less than a downpour.)

Please respond on the volunteer page or contact Will via email or on Facebook if you are interested in helping. (Do note, this does qualify as volunteer hours for high school students and the requirements for the National Honor Society.)

The park will be CLOSED for normal usage during this work-party, but volunteers can bring their dogs to hang out in the training area while we humans make the park nice for them (and us).  [One human will be asked to keep watch on the dogs while the others work – with trade-offs for breaks.]

Things that needs to get done:

  1. Message Board (Small Dog Side) (3-4 people)
    • Assemble the message board (screwdriver, socket wrench)
    • dig the holes for the message board posts (auger)
    • cut and install sonotubes (sonotubes, saw)
    • load the the message board anf fill with concrete (concrete, concrete mixer, post level, shims, 2z3 bracing)
  2. Planters (2 people)
    • transfer dirt from whiskey barrels to new planters (shovel)
    • dispose of whiskey barrels
    • plant flowers (flowers, gardening tools)
    • move planters to locations around park (dolly)
  3. Flagpole (2-3 people)
    • dig the hole for the pole (auger)
    • cut and install sonotube (sonotube, saw)
    • Assemble the pole & pole light (pole, pole light)
    • load the pole and fill with concrete (concrete, concrete mixer, post level, shims, 2×3 bracing)
  4. Trash Cleanup (3-4 people)
    • clean up trash in the park (poop, plastic, etc) (grabbers, trashbags)
    • clean up trash in the lot and around the front of the park (grabbers, trahbags)
    • clean up trash behind the park (through DPW gate – long pants) (grabbers, trashbags)
  5. Lights (1 person)
    • Replace solar light on small shed
    • Add solar light over door of large shed
  6. Pee Circles (2-3 people)
    • Turn up existing fill of pee circles (spin-tine tool, pitchfork)
    • Dig out/remove some if needed (shovel, cart)
    • Add Mulch from hill-pile to pee circles (cart, pitchfork)
  7. Little Dog Sand Strip
    • Turn up, loosen sand and remove grass & weeds in sand strip (spin-tine tool, pitchfork)
    • rake out and remove stones (rake, bucket)
    • add sand (from DPW sand pile)
  8. Grassing (4-5 people)
    • Mark sprinkler heads with storm poles (storm poles, hammer)
    • Rototil area in front of pavilion (rototiller)
    • Lay hex-grids into turned up dirt (hex grids)
    • spread grass seed (spreader, grass seed)
    • spread fertilizer (speader, fertilizer)
    • add fencing (fence posts, fencing, post-pounder)
  9. Tick Spray (1-2 people)
    • get extra hoses from big shed (top shelf)
    • spray edges of park (along fencing, especially woods side and back of park) (hoses, spray bottle)
  10. Fix Agility equipment (2 people)
    • Hoop – fill base tubes with sand
    • Hoop – using resin, reattach broken base
    • Jump bar – fill base tubes with sand
    • Jump bar – using resin, reattach broken base
    • Add “Dog use only” sign
  11. Door Latches (4 people)
    • All-dog exit (interior door) — replace hinges & latch
    • Small-dog exit (both doors) — reposition hinges, complete latch replacement
    • Training airlock (both doors) — reposition hinges, replace latches
    • All-dog Entrance gate (reposition hinges, replace latch)
    • Small-dog Entrance gate (reposition hinges, replace latch)
  12. Closet Storage shed (2-3 people)
    • Assemble Closet storage shed (screwdriver, drill, sockets, hammer, shed pieces)
    • Attach shed to side of large shed (screws, drill, screwdriver)
    • Put tools in closet storage shed
  13. Move the all-dog timeouts (2-3 people) (socket wrench)
  14. Fill holes in park (1-2 people) (shovel, cart dirt)
  15. Remove stones from grassed areas of park (2-3 people) (bucket)
  16. Move Parking Blocks back (2-3 people) (dolly)
  17. Fill Potholes in lot (2-3 people) (RAP, shovels, sledgehammer, Tamper, cart)
  18. Move Exit Only sign (2 people) (Sledgehammer, iron pipe)
  19. Fill Entrance Areas with RAP (2 people) (RAP, Shovels, sledgehammer, Tamper, cart)
  20. Find gaps along fence bottom around park & mark with clothespins (1 person) (clothespins)
  21. Add RAP to gaps in fence bottom (2 people) (RAP, shovels, sledgehammer, cart)
  22. Fill infoboxes on both sides (1 person) (CDA Applications,
  23. Add card-holders to kiosks & fill with “rules cards” (1 person)
  24. Put Tents away in tent-bags (2 people)
  25. Old tents (sort poles, assemble 1-2 usable tents, dispose trash) (2 people)
  26. Organize large shed for access (2-3 people)
  27. Cabinet (2 people)
    • cut new doors (2’x4′)
    • paint new doors (prime, then brown)
    • cut “window” and put plastic in (20″x20″ for each door)
    • hang doors (storm door hinges)
    • add weatherstripping
  28. Kiosk Bulletin Board (2 people)
    • install wood strip on top
    • attach new plastic cover with holes predrilled for hooks
    • attach hooks

Things we need people to donate, to help do this:

  • Large rocks to put in the park (the larger, the better)
  • Flowering plants for the planters and around the sign
  • Mulch for around the sign
  • Planting gravel for the planters
  • Planter soil for the planters

Things we need people to bring, to help do this:

  • shovels, leaf and lawn rakes
  • chainsaw
  • hedge trimmer

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