Chelmsford Dog Association: Important Organizational Update

We are writing to share important news about the future of the Chelmsford Dog Association (CDA).

The CDA’s mission always been two-fold: to develop and maintain an off-leash location (dog park) within the Town of Chelmsford and to educate and support local dog owners. Since the establishment of the Chelmsford Dog Park three years ago, our biggest focus has been on the park itself. We’ve wanted to focus on the other half of our mission as well but found that the dog park took most of our time, effort, and funds.

In 2019, we experienced a remarkable increase in the interest and participation by CDA members. This led to the formation of several committees and the  sharing of responsibilities, which provided a reduced  workload on the individual board members, and shared knowledge among interested park users. The CDA Board recognizes a continued need and desire to focus more on the other part of the overall CDA mission, which is community outreach.  In an active effort to continue to address Dog Park needs, and promote activities for the general dog-owning community, the CDA has initiated the following proposal.

Announcing the Friends of the Chelmsford Dog Park (FDCP)

In December, the 2019 Board of CDA Directors along with the board members-elect met and agreed to formalize the division of the mission between the CDA and the Chelmsford Dog Park.

To that end, we have collectively established a new organization called “Friends of the Chelmsford Dog Park” (FCDP), which has the sole mission of working with the Town of Chelmsford to develop, maintain, and otherwise care for the Chelmsford Dog Park. Effective January 1, 2020, the CDA is handing off the responsibility for the Chelmsford Dog Park to the FCDP while the CDA focuses on community events, outreach, support, and education.

Four of the nine Directors on the 2020 Board of CDA Directors  will take on the roles on the Board of Directors of the FCDP. The CDA Board has been reduced to five members, and the remaining Directors of the current CDA Board will remain with the CDA.

The FCDP Board will be Carly Reim, Lauren Coffey, Paul LaMadeleine, and Randy Barth with one spot to be appointed. The CDA Board will be Will Wagner, Kathy Gould, Joyce Bean, and Kari Rosado.

The CDA will be transferring funds and physical assets for the care of the Chelmsford Dog Park to the FCDP. The FCDP will be managing the Chelmsford Dog Park Facebook group and have its own website.

What does this mean for CDA members?

As the CDA and the FCDP are separate organizations operating under the same 501c (3) non-profit status, each current member of the CDA may choose which organization to be a member of by completing this form:     

The time for automatic transfer to the FCDP ended on January 31, 2020. If you wish to joint he FCDP, please contact them at the park or on their website.

If you transfer your membership, the FCDP will be responsible for maintaining the membership after January 31, 2020. You will receive reminders and other communications from the FCDP and your dues will go to the FCDP. If you opt to not transfer your membership, either by actively selecting “Do not transfer” or by doing nothing, then your CDA membership will continue until it expires on its anniversary date.

You can be a member of both groups, if you so choose, but you will have to complete an application and remit fees to the other group, separate from this one-time update. Please watch for information on membership from both the CDA and the FCDP in February.

Additionally, both organizations will have three classes of members:

  • Executive Members: Directors and Officers.
  • General Members: Members who pay dues to be a part of and support the organization. These members may be asked by the Board to vote on some matters. Currently, you all have a General Member membership in the CDA.
  • Corporate Members: A company or other organization which wishes to support the organization and be known as an “official sponsor” of the organization but receives no voting privileges.

We are confident this decision is in the best interest of the Chelmsford Dog Park and its guests. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ or log into your CDA account to post questions.

Thank you for your support.


Will Wagner

President, Chelmsford Dog Association


2 Responses to “Chelmsford Dog Association: Important Organizational Update

  • Tracy
    1 year ago

    Congratulations Carly, Lauren, Randy and Paul.. Hope this means bigger and better things are going to happen at the Dog Park. Maybe more of the older people who left will come back.

    Love You All

    • Will Wagner
      1 year ago

      Which older people who left?
      The 3 members voted out of the board during the last election were founders of the CDA and people who got the park built…. as were 3 of the 5 remaining directors – can’t get much older than that.


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