CDA Meeting Minutes: 11/29/2018

Chelmsford Dog Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

Community Room, Chelmsford Police Department, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01824

November 29, 2018  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order: 6:33pm
  2. Roll call:
    • Board members present: Kathy, Sandra, Danielle, Beth, Will, Joyce, Sarah
    • Voting members present: Randy and Paul L, Lauren C., Carley R., Patty and Jeff B., Jill W., Barbara
    • Guests: None
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve meeting minutes from the October 30th, 2018 meeting.
    • Presented: Joyce
    • Seconded: Kathy
    • Vote: Unanimous
  4. Election
    • 6 candidates- with 4 full term positions open, and 1 position for a remaining 1 year term.
    • There are 3 election “counters” who are not running.
  5. Officer Reports
    • Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. CDP Group: 2,349 (1,931 active ) – (129) (505) (1712)  
      2. CDP FB Page:        approximately 30%
      3. CDA FB Page:    
      4. Location: 0 (39)  4.6 (81)     3.3 (3)
      5. CDA Website: (Oct) 3,732 Visitors 5,828 Reads
    • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra): Current balance: $
      • National Grid Bill paid, water bill paid,
      • cash from Howl’ween deposited, electric bill paid,
      • Zesty’s pizza check deposited,
      • paid state for tax filing & fee for change of address,
      • purchased driveway markers and rope for parking lot from Lowe’s.
      • 2018 money spent: $/ Money made: $.
      • Grass has cost just under $ to maintain and re-grow this year. Estimated similar outflow of funds next year for maintenance and repair.
      • Equipment and purchases cost: $
      • Donations/Incoming funds: Facebook Network for good birthday fundraisers: $/ Hannaford bags $/ Kenneth Hanley Foundation $. Donations from park collection boxes are also a source of incoming funds. The amount of incoming donations fluctuates dependent on the time of year and park usage.
      • Restaurants have proven to not be worth the effort- not getting enough money. Kathy suggests doing restaurant fundraiser every 3 months instead of every month.
      • 2018 Budget/Spending- Will presented financial breakdown of expenses and money inflow in detail.
      • 2019 Planned Budget- Costs for next year hopefully lower- now have most of equipment that was needed. Hopefully spending more money on park enhancements.
    • President’s Report (Will)
      1. CDA Memberships: 17 Ind / 22 Fam  (22 unrenewed since Jan 2018)
      2. 2018 Review- See above in treasurer’s report.
      3. 2019 Planning-Plans for trees/ speaking with garden clubs / re: what types of plants and trees would be appropriate/ 3-4 soil samples to be done in the spring to determine what trees might thrive/ 10’ octagonal gazebo to be delivered, park to be shut down while installed / arborvitae’s along hill side of the small dog side?/ Paul reports new gate handles are less than efficient and not closing anymore. Approx. $ left from last year’s grant money? Use for gate improvements? Latches under warranty? Will discuss with DPAC and town.
      4. 2019 event planning: July and August seem to be tough to get volunteers and many would be participates might be away.
  6. Committee Reports
    • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Donations: Small dog side: $ / All dog side: $
      2. Hannaford Helps (Oct) ($)
      3. Restaurant Fund Raisers
        1. Chipotle Results (Nov)- Not enough money earned to meet $300 minimum- no proceeds to be delivered to CDA.
      4. Holiday Prelude, Pictures with Santa (Dec 2)- Pictures to be taken of dogs with Santa and posted on website/ Dec. 1 pictures at Agway –portion of proceeds to CDA, the rest to animal shelters.
  7. Old Business/Open Issues
    • Scout Eagle Project (Agility Equipment) Review (completed?) Agility equipment nice, two have broken though, have been removed and stored. Tires to be moved to small side. CDA wheelbarrow broke while scout installed project.
    • Sand strip/digging pit (edging delivered $605.80, pending reimbursement from DPAC/grant) Work needs to be done to dig area-DPW will dig sand. Dumpster was moved into enclosure yesterday.
    • November Work Party (Postponed to Dec 8)-8am-12pm.
  8. New business
    • Election Results – Joyce, Sandra, Sarah, Paul, Will elected for two year terms. Vivian elected for 1 year term.
    • Rain collection barrel discussion- downspouts would have to be on pavilion, would need 40 sq. feet of surface area to fill the barrel. Suggestion of having barrel at the back corner of pavilion surrounded with pea stone for drainage. The irrigation water would run to the exit- then where will it drain to? 50 gallon container? / tabled until next meeting. Members to prepare suggestions with diagrams/location ideas etc.
    • Winter party plans?- CCA café. January 26th?  6-10 pm?
    • Rabies clinic- date TBD
    • Public Discussion (15-30 minutes – depending on time)- none
    • December & February Meeting Dates- Dec meeting tabled; minimum quorum is 5/ February 7th Thursday- 6:30pm
    • Adjournment: Beth motions to adjourn 8:05pm

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