CDA Meeting Minutes 07/25/2019

Chelmsford Dog Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Community Room, Chelmsford Police Station, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01824

July 25, 2019  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order: 6:30pm
  2. Roll call:
    • Board members present: Will, Joyce, Kathy, Sarah, Danielle, and Paul.
    • Voting members present: Carly, Jenny, Randi, Randy, Lisa, Mark, Catherine, Jay, Lauren, Rachel, Jaryd, Manuel, Elizabeth, Lisa, Deb, Chris, Kaitlin
    • Guests: Erik M. from DPAC
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting- Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the June 2019 meeting-
    • Presented: Joyce
    • Seconded: Kathy
    • Vote: Unanimous
  4. Officer Reports
    • Website and Media Report (Will)Board
      1. CDP Group: 2,652 (2,356 active ) – (452) (2,481) (10,804)
      2. CDP FB Page:    
      3. CDA FB Page:    
      4. Location: 9 (35)  4.7 (119)     3.8 (4/2)
      5. CDA Website: 299,586 total visitors (164/day), (June) 4,681 (May) 4,719
        (June) 7,194 (May) 7,401 Reads
    • Treasurer’s Report (report from Will as Sandra is not present).
      1. With money raised for drainage project- $ in account. /
      2. Mark to receive check this week for lawn services.
    • President’s Report (Will)
      1. CDA Memberships: 39 Ind / 36 Fam
  5. Committee Reports
    • DPAC-
      1. SOTO fence working to get a schedule to get work done in the next few weeks. The delay in start date is with fence company. As soon as CDA has a date for planned work it will be posted to the public.
      2. Trees
        • – The fund for trees is in the account, with an installation date to be determined-hopefully in October 2019.
        • -The Tree Committee notes that August is too hot to plant, and October is the best time to plant. Tree committee suggests a subspecies of an elm tree, as they are hardy and non-toxic. Two of which, are located on Fletcher street by St. Mary’s Church.
        • -The trees will need to be “caged” for protection. Jim Martin of the tree committee to order trees. CDA to order tree cages in time for plantings.
        • -Drip irrigation to be professionally installed to current irrigation to water trees. Lauren suggests having additional trees by agility exit gate.
        • -CDA to update Jim Martin so he may inform green lawn of changes before doing the drip irrigation.
        • -A Licensed electrician may install line to the “big shed.” Power and water cannot be installed in the same trench. One of the proposed drainage trenches is in the same area of irrigation lines-will need to be careful not to disrupt.
      3. Shade Structure / Rental area- part of last years’ grant money? – Towards bottom of wish list right now.
      4. Final year of Grant (status)
        1. – Draft of submission has been composed. Drainage and landscaping are priority projects. May need to have the drainage project re-quoted, as original estimate may not be enough. The grant should be finalized soon, the town liaison (Evan Belansky) will submit draft.
        2. -Steve Yarnley- Town engineer-will go to park to assess and give CDA their opinion of what would “cure” the drainage. He will look at pee circles, pooling, grading. Town approval is needed to do the drainage project.
        3. -DPW may have boulders that would be installed near tires. Nothing is going into the center of the park in large part due to irrigation lines in the middle of park. Benches, boulders, memorial wall, gazebo, etc. will all be off to the side. Nine benches all together for all three sides to be ordered. Will need to make sure the benches are powder coated.
    • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Donations
        • – Park donation boxes: Danielle presents chart money collected from park donation boxes. Since the last meeting in mid-June through today, $ collected from all dog side/ $ from small dog side.
        • -Drainage fundraiser(s): $286 collected in July for drainage project
        • -Port-a-potty donation box: $26.40
        • -Tom Golden (state representative) donated a total of $. ($ for membership, and $ to go towards drainage project.)
        • -Current total raised for drainage project: $. Once funds reach $5,000- steps can be taken to move forward with project and town permits etc.- with town approval first.
      2. July 3rd (post-event analysis)- $ in cash made after $ 85 booth fee. Damaged tent has been replaced.
      3. Dog Days of Summer at Navigation
        • – This Saturday 5pm-10pm. There will be raffles, gift certificates for items such as doggie daycare and golf gift cards, among others.
        • -Prizes drawn at 930pm-do not have to be present.
        • – photo booth available.
        • -CDA will be selling tee shirts, offering memberships. List of wish list for park items will also be at event.
        • -Event is dog friendly (no retractable leashes please!)
        • -Motion to gift owner of brewery with a Chelmsford Dog Park shirt-
          • Presented: Kathy
          • Seconded: Joyce
          • Vote: Unanimous.
      4. Farm Fair (Sept 21st) – Danielle and Sarah
      5. Lions Fall Fest- Money “loser” each year/ will skip this year.
      6. Howl’ween (planning status)
        • Lisa spearheading planning. Medals for costume winners will be distributed, the contest format will be the same as last year.
        • – Will to coordinate with Agway/Maxwell’s for hay used for photobooth.
        • -Photographer: Mary? Lisa?
        • -Will sent Joyce and Kathy a task list- Joyce to get all permits.
        • -Zesty’s to supply pizza.
        • -Raffles coming in August and September.
        • -Two vendors have already signed up.
        • – Jenny to help with food for event.
        • -Erik M. to be asked to be judge, still looking for more judges.
      7. Stop and Shop- August- for every eligible reusable shopping bag sold, the CDA will get $1. This will be promoted on Facebook, and Lisa to make fliers.
      8. Change challenge Aug. 3rd
        • Winner to receive $50 dollars in Amazon gift cards
        • Kathy mentions the fundraising committee will be selling a calendar- start working on it after Howl’ween. The fundraising committee will be choosing the 12-13 pics and produce using printing USA. Intend on selling calendars for around $10 in November. Oder to be placed for about 100 calendars. Kathy to print out photo release for winners.
      9. Chelmsford country club spaghetti dinner. – CCC would only permit a sit-down dinner for 100 people. Not what CDA is looking for.
      10. Drainage fundraising-.
        • Will presents committee charter. Charter presented to CDA and then back to DPAC for formal approval.
          • Motion to create drainage committee as outlined by the charter:
          • Presented: Kathy
          • Seconded: Paul.
          • Vote: Unanimous
        • -Carly (as chair-person) and Paul (as board member) are entitled to form committee further. Carly will take on the task of applying to grants in the future.
      11. Holiday Party planning – Chelmsford center for the arts. Jaryd suggests to see how the event at Navigation Brewery goes this weekend and then assess location for holiday party.
    • Educational/Seminars (Will)-
      • New suggestions:
        • Pet first aid, pet nutrition, Joyce to put in contact with Missing Dogs Massachusetts (MDM.)
      • Deb suggests to look for alternative ways to advertise.
    • Volunteers- A number of members have stepped up to volunteer, form new committees etc.
  6. Old Business/Open Issues
    1. Grass status- Fencing is not ready to come down. Mark suggests leaving fence up for the winter, need to make sure that the roots are able to really take. Will concerned about dogs sliding into fence in icy conditions. Mark mentions we could also erect a different type of fence or brainstorm different options.
    2. July Work Party – (July 28, 8am to noon)
      • 6 People signed up online. Hoping for more volunteers to show up.
      • Cards will be available at the entrance which will state the tasks to be completed and the necessary equipment. Some overlap in equipment is necessary. Task projects will be prioritized for the work party. Task list is also listed on CDA website. Not necessary to bring own tools, but if volunteers are able to bring own tools, that is great.
      • Mark mentions- DPAC/town should make a waiver for volunteers using power tools etc. Will take into consideration.
      • Manuel to bring safety glasses.
      •  Dogs will not be in area where work is being done. Someone will be tasked to “babysit” the dogs of owners working the party. Dogs will all start in training area and at some point, may be moved to small dog area when work begins in training area. Small dog and all dog areas are priority right now.
      • Lauren- suggest not having planters and/or not having flowers in the planters as it has shown to be a waste of money- plants not surviving long etc.
      • Bees and wasps- Chris mentions area of possible nest. Will states signage will be erected to avoid area until extermination/ removal of bees can be completed. One possible nest by training area adjacent to water station. Lauren draws a wasp nest location with map. Other park goers have noticed possible nest as well.
    3. Porta-potty- minimal $ donations for porta-potty. Some people do use. In decent shape. Plan to keep it through November, must have one on site legally for Howl’ween event. Some of the money from long term rental of agility area will be used to maintain it through October, per DPAC. The rental vendor also enjoys having option of port-a-potty use.
    4. New Brick phase? Tiles for Memorial Wall? – Will has found a vendor that is half the price of a previous vendor. The wall would be tile and the ground, brick. Tiles (quarry tiles) are less expensive than brick. Designs on bricks would be laser etched. Vendor will send samples of etching. Vendor to also set up a website where you can pick from vendor chosen designs, or upload your own art/clip art. Thinking of doing this especially for police dogs. Bricks can also be added in the entry way.
    5. Wizard Pins? – Will provides samples of pins for fundraising committee to look at. Erik mentions a vendor in Alton, NH. Kathy agrees that more CDA merchandise is needed. Rachel mentions they are actively looking for more merchandise. Kathy mentions car magnets. Pins could be given to members when they join? Paul suggests greater web presence- perhaps be able to order these products online. Other merchandise ideas: tote bags, water bottles, thermos’, mugs, baseball hats, beer cozies.
  7. New Business
    1. Carly-mentions Facebook presence needs to be more positive, reminds group we are representing the CDA. Discussion of adding additional moderators of FB page.
      • Motion to add another moderator:
      • Presented: Paul
      • Seconded: Sarah
      • Vote: 4 in favor, 2 against. Vote passes.
    2. Charter of the Drainage Project Committee- See above in fundraising committee report “k.”
    3. Rental Space-Feathers and Tails pet care
      • Vendor is renting the agility space for her company. The agreement is before she shows up and after she leaves, the agility area will be unlocked and back to general park use until she returns.
      • Checks go to the DPAC. Contract is with the town and renter, not CDA. CDA is the liaison.
      •  Vendor has booked the agility section through the rest of the year, is to pre-pay month by month.
      • Group agrees she is allowed to advertise on FB, but not in excess, perhaps once a month. No spamming is permitted on the Facebook page. There is currently no written policy or rule surrounding this. Erik mentions CDA should think about that, especially for someone who is renting as much.
      • Will reads a note from the vendor in which it is stated that they are looking forward to maintaining a positive relationship with CDA. She would also like to request that people refrain from petting her dogs from over the fence, as some dogs are not socialized. Offers to pay for extending the 4’ fence -> 6ft. Will to put vendor in contact with DPAC. Vendor has also decided she will leave area locked in between client pick up runs.
  8. Next Meeting(s)
    • Aug 22
    • Sept 17
    • Oct? Tuesday October 8th
  9. Adjournment Public Session: 9:02pm Joyce.
  10. Executive Session
  11. Adjournment: 9:17pm Joyce.

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