CDA Meeting Minutes 06/19/2019

Chelmsford Dog Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Community Room, Chelmsford Police Station, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01824

June 19, 2019  6:30 PM

    1. Call to order: 6:29pm
    2. Roll call
      • Board members present: Joyce, Danielle, Kathy, Will, Paul, Sarah
      • Board members not present: Sandra, Beth, Vivian
      • Voting members present: Mark, Catherine, Jay, Carly, Jaryd, Lisa, Jenny, Lauren, Emily, Rachel, Randi
    3. Public
      • Members brought up concerns of ongoing drainage issues. Large puddles of water at the park remain stagnant and pose potential health concern for dogs who may ingest/play in water. Fundraising efforts from members for the drainage project have reached $.
      • Update on tree install- waiting on results from the town Tree Committee on soil samples. Types of trees planted TBD.
      • Members interested in expanding fundraising committee, assist with marketing. These members will work with Kathy from the CDA board to expand fundraising efforts.
      • Advertising for events brought up. Suggested that more signage and clearer advertising for events work parties be utilized. Paul recommends stake and sign at exit of park. Will reminds that there is a link at the top of CDA website page of tasks to be done at work parties or other times.
      • Paul is making a binder/notebook of how to do certain tasks on the “to be done” list and where to find and access the tools, etc.
    4. Approval of minutes from last meeting-Motion to approve the minutes from the May 2019 meeting:
      • Presented: Kathy
      • Seconded: Joyce
      • Vote: Unanimous
    5. Officer Reports
      • Website and Media Report (Will)Board
        1. CDP Group: 2,579 (2,294 active ) – (314) (1172) (6253)
        2. CDP FB Page:    
        3. CDA FB Page:    
        4. Location: 9 (34)  4.7 (115)     3.8 (4/2)
        5. CDA Website: 294,401 total visitors (149/day), (May) 4,719 Visitors 7,401 Reads
      • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra) Current balance: $
      • President’s Report (Will)
        1. CDA Memberships: 39 Ind / 33 Fam
    6. Committee Reports
      • DPAC- Tabled- DPAC has not had a recent meeting.
        1. Trees (?)- tabled
        2. Funds for drainage project- tabled
        3. Gazebo and fence work- tabled
      • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
        1. Donations-
          • First two weeks in June 2019 = $ large side,
          • May 2019= $ large side/$ small side.
          • Total May 2019 donations from park boxes: $
        2. June Event (post-mortem)-
          • Overall successful event, 14lbs of burgers, many hot dogs used.
          • 50/50 and raffles. $100 raised from 50/50, drainage project $,
          • $ “Muddy Paws 5k
          • Kathy deposited the $ made in raffles.
          • Ran out of cheese- purchase more for next time.
          • Will also need knife, scissors, foil warming trays.
          • 16lb burgers for howl’ween.
        3. 3rd of July (Booth #25 – starts at 5:30 – setup ~3?)-
          • Danielle and Beth
        4. 4th of July Parade-
          • Joyce, Will, Kathy, in car. Too hot for dogs to walk, some able to sit in car.
        5. Farm Fair (Sept)- at Barret Byam Homestead, Saturday September 21st.
          • Danielle, Kathy, Sarah
        6. Howl’ween (start planning)- Saturday October 19th
          • Same categories as last year.
          • Will to send out vendor notification with 3 month lead.
        7. Drainage fundraising-
          • $ balance, raised from Katie’s 50/50 and direct donations.
          • Need a minimum of $5k for the drainage work to take place. /
          • Kathy-Change for change- change collection. Starts July, jars collected on August 3rd.
          • More advertising to come.
        8. Spaghetti dinner discussion-
          • Possibility of spaghetti dinner with raffles etc. Need facility with kitchen. Kathy looking into.
        9. Holiday Party planning –
          • Tabled- Events committee
      • Educational/Seminars (Will)
        1. Caring for your Senior Pet (Held Monday, review)-
          • Very good information presented.
          • Seminar recorded on Facebook Live.
    7. Old Business/Open Issues
      • June grass planting-
        • Mark states grids are not safe for dogs-
        • instead of spending $ on rototilling, the decision was made not to rototill.
        • Will reminds member that changes to previous approved plans need to be run by the board.
      • Printed Bricks installed in entry by Matt Kohl ($500 invoice)- Some small bricks need to be picked up still.
      • Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Community Work Program (successful!)-
        • Installed tires for play and additional sand pit.
        • Two extra tires donated by DPW after the install.
      • July Work Party – (July 20 or 27) -Saturdays or 21 or 28th, Sundays
        1. Replace gate locks & hinges (locks: 1 done, 5 half-done, 3 not-started – hinges (1 to do)
        2. Clear brush & trash from front area & lot
        3. Fill potholes with RAP
        4. Trim stumps in agility area
        5. Fix broken PVC equipment (resin and fiberglass cloth purchased)- broken by park go-ers.
        6. Fix entry bookshelf doors & kiosk bulletin cover- door to bookshelf broke last winter.
        7. 2 more large tires (donated)
      • *Some of these tasks can be done outside of the work party if people willing and able.
    8. New Business
      • Porta-potty-
        • Was there for June event, will stay for the month of June.
        • Cost is $/month.
        • Hoping to keep it through the end of October.
        • Donation box installed near porta-potty.
    9. Next Meeting(s)
      • Thursday July 25th
      • Aug 22/Sept 17th/Oct- TBD
    10. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Kathy at 8:44pm.

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