CDA Meeting Minutes: 05/14/2019

Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting Minutes

Community Room, Chelmsford Police Station, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01824

May 14, 2019  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order 6:35pm
  2. Roll call
    • Board Members Present: Will, Kathy, Sandra, Joyce, Beth, Danielle and Paul
    • Voting Members Present: Cindy, Randi, Jay, Carly and Lauren
    • Guests: Catherine Mello and Mark Mello
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting
    • Presented by: Joyce
    • Seconded: Kathy
    • Vote: Unanimous
  4. Officer Reports
    • Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. CDP Group: 2,516 (2,230 active ) – (322) (1264) (5698)
      2. CDP FB Page:    
      3. CDA FB Page:    
      4. Location: 9 (39)  4.7 (109)     3.8 (4)
      5. CDA Website: 289082 total visitors (172/day), (May) 1,997 Visitors 2,949 Reads
      6. Chelmsford Telemedia
    • There wil be a piece about the Behavior Seminar.
    • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra)
      1. $ after checks Minimum to stay in accounts. There will be a DPAC reimbursement. There are charges for the work party.
      2. Expenses: $ for country fair July 3. $ for Green Lawn.
      3. 2019 Planned Budget – no discussion
    • President’s Report (Will)
      1. CDA Memberships: 42 Ind / 32 Fam
  5. Committee Reports
    • DPAC
      1. Gazebo
      2. Park to close June 6 and 7. Inmates from Billerica Correction coming to work.
      3. Soil is compacted heavy soil. Need to determine trees that will grow in that soil. Trees around fence line. Digging deep is good soil. Cages will be put around tree to protect them. Cages are iron fence cages.
    • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Donations
      2. June Event (10th anniversary party) (June 15)
        1. Food Purchase Will to purchase food. Snacks, buns and chips Will has other food.
        2. Food Permit (BoH) [Joyce] To contact BOH at least 2 weeks prior for one day permit.
        3. DJ (Randy confirmed) [Will]
        4. Grill? [Kathy] Beth will be cooking.
        5. Portapotty [Kathy, contact the Blutes?] Looking into rental.
        6. Vendors: Mary Kay, CJ Dog is Good, Lowell Humane Society and Sun Dog.
        7. Vendors list has 78 on it. No charge for non-profits. They are to provide a raffle.
        8. The event will be held in All Dog area. Small dog and agility area will be available for dogs off leash.
        9. All guests will receive 1 ticket for a free meal. Motion by Paul, 2nd by Beth. Vote: Unanimous If individuals want more tickets cost is $5.00
        10. 50/50 Raffle Organized by Carly and Jay. The amount raised will go towards drainage project.
      3. 3rd of July $85 This has been paid. Joyce to fill out entry form for 4th of July parade.
      4. Farm Fair (Sept) Tom Christiano is contact. Saturday, September 21.
    • Educational/Seminars (Will)
      1. Service, Therapy & Support Dogs June 13. Good information presented at this. Video is on FB, Website and You Tube.
      2. Caring for your Senior Pet June 17 Vet to present. She does in home hospice and Palliative Care.
  6. Old Business/Open Issues
    • Printed Bricks to be installed in entry by Matt Kohl (Kohl Landscaping) $500
    • Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Community Work Program (June 6 & 7)
      1. Sand strip/digging pit
      2. Small tires (move to small dog side)
      3. Large tires (put in main dog area)
    • Spring Work Party – Kiosk & flagpole done This was lightly attended.
       – still to be done:
    • Paul to work with Mark Mello regarding landscaping on All Dog area.
    • DPAC to provide 2 more dispensers. Small patio and wall.
      1. Move parking Blocks back
      2. Replacement gate locks & hinges (purchased, delivered)
      3. Clear brush & trash from front area & lot
      4. Rototill/hex-grids/grass/fence-off
  7. New business
    • Discussion on Giving Grid. Paypal Button for drainage. Signs on poop barrels presented by Lauren.
    • Speak with graphic arts dept. about designing a Dog Park Flag.
  8. Adjournment 8:08pm
    • Presented By: Beth
    • Seconded By: Kathy
    • Vote: Unanimous

2 Responses to “CDA Meeting Minutes: 05/14/2019

  • Rachel
    2 years ago

    Hi Will! When will the June meeting minutes be up?

    • Will Wagner
      2 years ago

      After the July meeting and the approval of the minutes.


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