The park is currently: CLOSED 

Spring Work!


As many of you have no doubt noticed, we’ve taken a different approach to the grass situation this spring.

A chunk of the park (between the pavilion and the entrance) has been fenced off and seeded.

The fence is pretty secure. However, given the size of some of the dogs that use the park – if one of them knocks over a post, please let us know so we can come fix it!

We’ll also be adding some dirt in places over the next few weeks to improve the grading in the current puddle/low-spots.


Both the water fountains and the irrigation are now ON at the park!

Although, with the recent rains, it has not been important to have the grassed area watered during park usage hours, this may change as the weather changes. Be aware that, especially if we have some hot, sunny days forecast, the irrigation in that area may be active during the day and the spray MAY extend outside the fenced off area.


Park Closure – Work to be done

At some point this spring (date(s) are still TBD), the park will be closed for the 2018 enhancements to be done.

An “airlock” is being added between the All Dog and Small Dog areas is being added. This will stop people from having to use the entrance gates to move between areas.

An “airlock” is being added from the parking lot directly into the Training Area. This is not for normal park usage. This is set up so that people who RENT the training area (especially for things like puppy training) can enter the area without going through the main park.

A sand-strip, digging pit, similar to the one on the Small Dog side, is being added to the All Dog area.

Digging dogs

A reminder to folks:

We don’t mind dogs digging. After all, that’s one thing that lots of dogs like to do!

However, if your dog digs – PLEASE – fill in the hold before you leave. As long as the hole is fresh, the dirt can usually be scraped back in with a foot. However, if the dirt sits and gets walked on, then it gets packed down and progressively harder to easily refill. Additionally, please be aware of the dirt next to the pavilion. Some dogs have been enjoying themselves, and have dug a DEEP hole over there; so deep that they dug under the bricks. If that sits for any length of time, or gets dug further under, it will displace the bricks and the pavilion surface will be lost. Filling that in IMMEDIATELY is not only good owner protocol, but is a safety concern.

Donations, fundraising, and sponsorships

Many thanks to all of the folks who donate in the boxes at the park

We continue to have the Restaurant of the Month fundraisers. May is at the Outback in Lowell and June is Hunter’s Cafe, also in Lowell.

We’re holding the CDA Flea Market and Vendor Fair on May 19, at the park. Come on down and check it out! (The park will be fully OPEN that day, the event is being held in the extended parking lot).
There is still space available if you’d like to set up your own table – contact

We still need some things to make the park better! This spring, we’re focusing a little bit on the small dog side. We need a time-out kennel for the small dogs and an informational kiosk for their owners.

We’re also considering the addition of some shade trees – if you’re interested in donating a tree, let us know.




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