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PARK CLOSED (2/13-…)

Update: After reviewing the condition of the ground on February 17th, and considering the snow and then 70 degree temps for the next week, the DPAC and CDA have agreed to keep the park closed.  The DPAC and the CDA will be reviewing the ground condition regularly and will post again when it has improved enough to reopen (either by drying out or getting a true hard freeze again.)


The weather this week is forecast to warm and wet, which will make the already muddy conditions at the dog park even messier. Then Chelmsford Dog Association and the Dog Park Advisory Committee have decided to close the park from February 13th, through at least the 17th in order to preserve what ground cover we currently have and also for the safety of pets and owners. On or around the 17th, the CDA and DPAC will reassess conditions and determine next steps. While we know this is not what park users want to hear, please understand that the decision to close the park is never made lightly. We appreciate your understanding and continued support!

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