CDA Meeting Minutes: 6/26/2018

Chelmsford Dog Association

Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Library McCarthy Room, 25 Boston Rd, Chelmsford

June 26, 2018  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order: 6:37pm
  2. Roll call
    • Board members present: Will W., Joyce B., Danielle C., Sandra R., Kathy G., Sarah C., Beth B.
    • Guests present: Troop 74 Chelmsford- Mark and Matthew Middleton and Brad Rigby
  3. Approval of minutes from May meeting: Motion to approve the minutes from the May 15th 2018 meeting.
    • Presented: Joyce
    • Seconded:  Kathy
    • Vote: Unanimous
  4. Officer Reports
    • Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. Facebook CDP Group (CDP Community) –
        2,203 members – 76.9% women, 23.1% men (1,780 considered “active”) increased from last month. 82/550/1.2k – posts/comments/reactions in the past 28 days = decrease from last month.
      2. CDA Website – (49 active Memberships, 59 free users, 41 expired memberships)
        68% new visitors — Ø 77 visitors per day
        Front page, Events and Rules FAQ are the most popular views
    • President’s Report (Will)
      1. Raffle permit renewal- Will re-filed and state acknowledged
    • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra) $6, 826.58 in account. Deposit from Square May 29th from the yard sale. Cash withdrawal -$350 for lawn mower. Two debit transactions for U-Haul rental to pick up mower and attachment for trailer that association now owns. Debit transaction at Petro Plus for gas for lawn mower. Debit transaction- $236.39 for a gas powered weed whacker for the park. Debit transaction at Home Depot $17.99 June 11th for oil to repair lawn mower. National Grid payment of $20.94. Blaze fundraiser made $19.30.
  5. Committee Reports
    • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Donations- Up from last month in donation boxes at the park. $259 total from the last week in May through June 24th. The large dog area continues to generate a higher amount of monetary donations.
      2. Restaurant Fund Raisers
        1. Outback (Results?)- No results known at this time.
        2. Hunter’s Café (Results?)- Results not known at this time.
    • Papa Gino’s in Chelmsford (July 17)
    • Flea Market & Vendor Fair (Results?) Vendors gave $25 donations for their spot. CDA sold two $18 shirts, and 5k-Muddy Paws shirts
    • July 4th Chelmsford Country Fair (July 3) – Booth 24/ Volunteers to arrive at 2:30 at park/ 3pm on the common to set up. Event ends at 11pm.
    • July 4th Parade (Joyce) – Convertible car to be driven with CDA banner and dogs in car.
    • Xmas in July? (July 21) 10am-2pm
      1. Vendors?- Will to send information to vendors. $25/table free to non-profit registrants
      2. Board of Health Food Permit- Minimum 10 days before event. Need serve safe application
      3. Grill?- Kathy to look into this. Will need many volunteers for event.
      4. Food: Kathy to look into pizzas, hot dogs and hamburgers, buns, chips, soda’s, and water to be purchased.
      5. DJ: Randy Barth? Joyce to ask
      6. Porta-potty?: Will contacted company yesterday 100-150/ day. Waiting to hear back.
      7. Danielle to organize “dog ring toss” game.
      8. Possible picture option for dogs.
    • Byam Farm Fair – Sept 15, 12pm-4pm
  6. DPAC Report- No updates
  7. Old Business/Open Issues
    • Planning maintenance
      1. Stanton Grant improvements (approved & awarded), schedule of work to be created.
      2. Plan for grass mowing (mower works, but needs repair to the blade mechanisms)
        Mower Purchased (used, $350)- needs minor repair to function, Gas Weed Whacker purchased (new, $150), need more oil, then able to use.
      3. Work Party (July 14th – 8am-12pm)
        1. Purchase ground stumps & branches ($8/yard – 40 yards) from Community Tree- Will spoke with them regarding need for more mulch on the hill. Delivery 13th?
        2. Purchase soil (DPW has not responded to request for soil for 4 months)- Soil may need to be purchased.
        3. Purchase grass seed and grass food from Agway
        4. Rent Rototiller- worked well last time. Grass coming in nicely in fenced area (about 4,000 sq. feet).
        5. Purchase replacement fence posts (10) due to damage.
        6. Purchase Small dog timeout Kennel ($162)
        7. Purchase two message boards ($162 + $326) to replace the one the scout put up, and one for the small dog side to mount under the small pavilion.
          • Motion to approve purchase of these items:
          • Presented: Joyce
          • Seconded: Danielle
          • Vote: Unanimous
    • Eagle projects
      1. One project in planning with Matthew, Troop 74 in Chelmsford to build agility equipment. – Scout proposes to build agility center. Scout presents nine equipment options- Board to brainstorm which equipment we would use. Options include: see saw, a frame, tire jump, open tunnel, bar jump, dog walk, pause table, closed tunnel, weave poles, broad jump. Will also mentions tires for dogs to climb on, step platforms. Group discusses moveable agility equipment versus permanent and semi-permanent. Scout to draft a proposal of project plans and send to CDA. Board discussed safety issues and would like to avoid see saw and A frame for both canine and human safety.
  8. New Business
    1. PetSafe “Bark for your park” grant application- application submitted for $5,000 maintenance grant.
    2. Rental Space – issues with Town Clerk/refunds of deposit- Town clerk would like CDA to handle refunds, town counsel makes the ultimate decision.
  9. Public Discussion (30 minutes) None
  10. Next Meeting Date?- July 24th 6:30pm
  11. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Beth at 8:01pm

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