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CDA Meeting Minutes: 4/26/2018

Chelmsford Dog Association
Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Public Library, 25 Boston Rd, Chelmsford
April 26, 2018  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order 6:42 pm
  2. Roll call
    1.  Board members present: Sandra R., Joyce B., Will W., Danielle C., Sarah C.
    2. Board members not present: Kathy G., Beth B.
    3. Guests present: None
  3. Approval of minutes from March 20, 2018 meeting – Motion to approve minutes of the March 2018 meeting as amended.
    Presented: Joyce
    Seconded: Sandra
    Vote: unanimous
  4.  Officer Reports
    1.  Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. Facebook CDP Group (CDP Community) –
        2148 members – 77% women, 23% men.
        3,600 posts, comments and reactions in the past 28 days. This is an active community.
      2. Facebook CDP Page  (representing the location) –
      3. Facebook CDA Page (representing the organization/business) –
      4. CDA Website – (51 active Memberships, 59 free users, 38 expired memberships)
        64% of visits in the last month were new visitors (out of 1038 from US).
        Ø 136 visitors per day
        Front page, articles on front page and Rules, FAQ are the most popular views.
    2. President’s Report (Will)- No new news.
    3. Treasurer’s Report (Sandra)- Account is balanced minus two non-cashed checks. Current account balance = $7,895.37 (after checks cleared). Bunny pics brought in $353, Volunteer Fair $65 -2 memberships, 1 tee shirt, $7 dollars in donations. $64 from Kathy to be deposited- 1 membership and $44 donation.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Fundraising/Events Committee Report-
      1. Donations- Danielle presents park donation chart from donation boxes in park. Donations up from last month. Large dog area continues to generate more donations than the small side at this time.
      2. Restaurant Fund Raisers
        1. Bertucci’s (Results?)- No check as of this meeting. Two fundraisers going on at same time, was not ideal.
        2. Outback (May 17)- Lowell
        3. Hunter’s Café (June 16)- Lowell
      3. “Pics with the Bunny” – Results- See above
      4. Flea Market – May 19, 10am-2pm- Flea Market and Vendor Fair- 6 responses so far. $10 for individual tables/ $25 for commercial vendor.
      5. July 4th Chelmsford Country Fair (July 3) (mail application with $85 payment)- Danielle presents idea for game at event- “dog treat toss.”
      6. Xmas in July? (Instead of Barkday)- Tabled to next month
      7. Byam Farm Fair – Sept 15, 12pm-4pm- Signed up. Sarah and Kathy.
    2. DPAC Report- No new news-meeting in May.
  6. Old Business/Open Issues
    1. Planning Spring-time maintenance
      1. Spring Work Party and Poop-a-poo-looza (April 29)- Many persons have said they will be there- Repainting parking spots, shelves to be built, etc.
      2. DPW (RAP, Soil, Culvert)- Not been able to get in touch, multiple attempts.
      3. Stanton Grant improvements (approved & awarded), schedule?- Improvements have been approved, bid has been awarded. Park will need to be closed for work. Danielle mentions pad for dumpster was originally to be placed in left hand corner and where the dumpster is now is not the same. – Will to call Evan about – Airlock for two areas, sand pit for large dog side, spring loaded gate closures, fencing, pad for dumpster. Seed area between pavilion and entrance and fence off and bare areas of training area. Seed is triple mixture and high traffic seed- in main area/ another bag of seed from Lowes or somewhere similar to go in training area.
      4. Plan for grass mowing- Looking for riding mower donation
    2. Eagle projects
      1. One in planning with Matthew, Troop 7 in Lowell to build agility equipment. Will has sent a list of desired equipment with pictures to scout.
    3. Newsletter plans (Danielle/Sarah)- Researched newsletters from other dog parks. Spoke with members from Thomaston ME regarding their dog park and newsletter. Outline for next meeting.
  7. New Business- Joyce heard back from library- youth services excited about doing something – has to be therapy dog related- Member of public would like to set up mobile grooming station was informed idea first needs to be presented and approved by CDA board and town. This person not at today’s meeting.
  8. Public Discussion (30 minutes)- none.
  9. Next Meeting Date? May 15th 6:30pm
  10. Adjournment: 7:59pm

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