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CDA Meeting Minutes: 3/20/2018

Chelmsford Dog Association
Meeting Minutes
Chelmsford Police Department Community Room, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford
March 20, 2018  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order: 6:35pm
  2. Roll call
    1. Board members present: Joyce B., Will W., Sandra R., Danielle C., Sarah C., Kathy G.,
    2. Board members not present: Beth B.
    3. Guests present: Tara
  3. Approval of minutes from February 2018 meeting- Motion to approve minutes from the February 2018 meeting as amended.
    • Presented: Joyce
    • Seconded: Kathy
    • Vote: Unanimous
  4. Closed Executive Session of the Board (if necessary) Tabled to end of meting
  5. Officer Reports
    1. Website and Media Report (Will)-Facebook page currently has over two thousand members at this time. CDA web page gets about 100-150 views a day. Currently running advertisements for Agway and Amazon Smile on the web page.
    2. President’s Report (Will)- See above
    3. Treasurer’s Report (Sandra/Will) National Grid bill was $ Total balance in bank account now is $. Will gave Sandra $ from the Mandarin Bistro fundraiser and $ from donation box. Will to give Sandra money raised from volunteer fair at the senior center at the next meeting.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Donations- Danielle presents visual aid (graph) of recent donations over the months. Donations are severely down at this time from other times of the year.
      2.  Restaurant Fundraisers
        1. Mandarin Asian Bistro (Feb) – Results (check received)- $
        2. Bertucci’s (Mar 20)- No results yet as fundraiser is the same date as this meeting.
        3. Blaze Pizza (April 25) 4-9
        4. Outback-May?
        5. Chipotle= June
        6. Papa Ginos – July?
        7. Have not heard from “Moo Ya” regarding January 31 fundraiser, per Kathy.
      3. Chelmsford Volunteer Fair at Senior Center- Results-Two memberships added, received $7.00 in donations, one CDA tee shirt purchased.
      4. “Pics with the Bunny” – March 25 at Agway- Will to pick up bunny suit, Mary to take pictures.
      5. Flea Market – May 19, 10am-2pm- in extended parking lot of dog park. Notice to vendors to be sent out.
      6. Xmas in July? (Instead of Barkday)-  Kathy to put the word out that the events committee is looking for an organizer/planner. 4th of July fair/parade/ Will to contact organizers. Group decided we will not participate in parade this year, but have table July 3rd.
      7. Byam Farm Fair – Sept 15, 12pm-4pm- Will to sign up CDA. Sarah to work event with Kathy.
    2. DPAC Report- Two members of public attended. Discussed irrigation, mud, and reasoning behind grass ground cover. /Evan B. has been in touch with RD fencing and is to schedule the work. There was a 12% increase in the cost of fencing materials since last quote received at $9,490. If total is over $10,000- then the work will need to go out to bid. / Policy and Procedure review- Danielle mentions that the available handicap spots are only in the front of the park, and so the handicap will also be exiting via the front entrance- but this has also encouraged others who are not using the handicap parking to exit from the entrance as well. Solution to this issue to be though about and discussed at next meeting. /Committee organizations- Beth B. is vice chairwoman. / Possibility of having a newsletter in the form of a flyer (monthly or quarterly) at the park entertained.
  7. Old Business/Open Issues
    1. Winter Park “post-mortem” review-
      1. What worked? Small trash cans worked out well. Group decided they will remain in the park, and the large cans will be kept for use at events. Danny’s plowing worked well, DPW also plowed. Chains worked well in blocking off entrance/exit, people did not drive over the snow.
      2. What didn’t work? – Mud issue- closing park successfully prevented the mud from getting worse or people/dogs getting injured.
      3. Suggestions for next year- Possibly closing for the whole winter-something that DPAC decides. Will does not like this idea. Group decides if park to be open on a conditions/weather related basis, that our intentions will be stated clearly in the fall as to how the opening/closing of the park will be decided upon in the winter months.  Chains will be used again next winter for the entrance/exit as they were successful.
    2. Planning Spring-time maintenance- April 29th for clean-up party. Time= 8:00 am-12:00 pm.
      1. Spring Work Party and “Poop-a-poo-looza” (April 29)
        1. Shelves in shed- Need to catalog current wood, purchase more shelves? – Professional carpenter stated he is willing to help build more/install/ figure out what is needed.
        2. Organizing shed contents (esp. what to do with old snow blower?) Organizing the shed to take place once the shelves are up. Dumping old snow blower –Possibly give it to Ed’s lawn mower in Tyngsboro for parts, or sell at flea market.
        3. Fencing sections
          (Lowes – 2x 100’ of 4’ metal fencing ($65 each) and posts (~$120) – plan is to get fence around small area of grass, get it established, then move the fence. 5-10’ per post?
          (Amazon – 4x 50’ of 3’ plastic fencing kit ($54 each)- No
          (Amazon – 1x 164’ of 39” metal fencing ($199))- livestock fencing isn’t square
        4. Spreading grass seed (determine, purchase seed) – Will to purchase enough to spread in the fenced off area, has spreaders at home.
        5. General maintenance (need mulch, pea stone) Pea stone around fountains has been successful in helping reduce mud at base of fountains. More mulch is needed around front sign and mulched area in “all dog” section. Will to inform CDA if expenses go over $500 dollars. Will to put call out for people to donate bag or two of mulch. Regarding wood chipping the slope in “all dog” area -wood chips are different than mulch/ Will to ask community tree if they are able to donate wood chips.
      2. DPW (RAP fill potholes in parking lot if nothing else, Soil to fill holes, culvert promised one for several years. / Erik working on a tractor tire)- Culverts for small dog and large/all dog area.
      3. Stanton Grant improvements, schedule? – see above in DPAC
      4. What to do with old, large trash barrels? See above
      5. Plan for grass mowing? Need scheduled maintenance that’s reliable and sustainable. $300 for riding mower that Will found.
    3. Eagle projects? – Troup 7 in Lowell interested in building agility equipment for us. Board discussed possible projects for scouts: agility, gazebo, bricking under small dog pavilion and kiosk for small dog side.  Will to send message to 4 troupes in Chelmsford to contact CDA if interested.
  8. New Business
    1. Acton Park Committee- Would like a member of our board to come talk to their group, want info on how to get park off the ground. Will to respond and copy Vivian on email.
    2. Billerica was ready to start the final bid process, but then ADA concerns came about and concerns the construction of park would affect the wetlands.
    3. Westford had a location but it was decided it was too secluded. Possibility of near Stoney Brook school in Westford, the school board refused this option. Westford back to the drawing board.
  9. Public Discussion (30 minutes)- None
  10. Next Meeting Date? April 26th at 6:30 pm- Library
  11. Executive session at 8:21 pm
  12. Adjournment- 9:15 pm

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