CDA Meeting Minutes: 12/13/2017

Chelmsford Dog Association

December Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Police Department Community Room, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford

December 13, 2017  6:30 PM

I.      Call to order: 6:43pm

II.    Roll call

a) Board Members Present: Danielle C. Kathy G., Joyce B., Will W.
b) Board Members Not Present: Sarah C., Beth B., Sandra R
c) Voting members Present:

III.  Approval of minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve minutes from November 29th meeting as amended.

   Presented: Joyce

   Seconded: Danielle

   Vote: Unanimous

IV. Officer Reports

1)      Website and Media Report (Will) No report

2)      Treasurer’s Report (Sandra): No report from Sandra

3)      President’s Report (Will): No report

V.   Committee Reports

4)      Fundraising/Events Committee Report

a)      Pennies 4 Puppies: This has fizzled. Only 2 stores has jars at it. Triangle Deli and Vinal Square Liquors.

b)      Phones No information

c)      Donations ??

d)      Hannaford Bags for My Cause.(December – Every “Helps” bag sold gives us $1.00.) Buy a cause bag and CDA will receive $1.00 for each bag sold.

e)      Results of Howl’ween, Panera, Chipotle

i)        Howl’ween: Games: $, Food $, Vendors $, Raffles: $, Missing some other numbers.

ii)      Panera: $

iii)    Chipotle: $

f)       Upcoming Restaurant Fund Raisers

i)        Moolah Billerica January 31 4pm – 8pm

ii)      Wendys: February TBD. CDA will receive 15% of proceeds

g)      CDA Holiday Party

i)        CCA Approved and Booked for Jan 6.

(1)   Party 6pm – 10pm, Bartender Cost $125.00 Cash bar

(2)   Bartender Approval

(a)    Joyce 1st

(b)   Danielle

ii)      Invite to be sent to all current CDA Members by Dec 15.

iii)    Catering Cost: $12 for food from MB.

iv)    Yankee Swap: Gift cost $20.00, Theme: Re-gifting. There will party games.

h)      Winterfest Feb. 3 at Park. Contact Christina Bruce. Event from CDA: Snow painting, Hot Chocolate, Sweater and Winter outfits contest.

5)      Dates for “Pics with the Bunny.”  Sunday March 25. 1p – 3pm. Mary to be asked to to be photographer.  Kathy and Joyce to look into backdrop for pictures. Suggested donation: $5.00 Joyce to contact Donna Parlee to borrow Bunny costumer for pictures.

VI. Old Business/Open Issues

1)      Trash cans: New small cans mounted. 4 of 5 up. Cans are 10 gallons with covers. Cans are screwed unto poles in large and small dog area next to bag dispensers.

2)      Winter Park review

a)      Chain will go up if park not open till plowing has been completed. Currently a park goer from Nashua has been volunteering time to plow. Lauren has cart for removal of dog poop.

b)      In spring Spring park will not be closed for grass maintenance. Area from 100 sq feet to 300 sq feet to be seeded and rototilled.

V. New Business

1)      Update Bylaws

a.      New Directors: Kathy G, Danielle C., and Beth B.

b.      Update Article VII to add Section L: Directors Emeritus as previously discussed

c.       Update Article III, section A (1): Add Directors Emeritus to the Executive Member category. Vivian Merrill is Director Emeritus

2) Lowell Humane Society: Steps for Pets, June 2: Muddy Paws 5K for walkers or runners.

3) Lowell Humane Society Spaghetti Dinner. CDA donating GC for free days of doggie day care.  This was a gift to CDA for a prize but not used.

VIII.            Public Discussion (15-30 minutes – depending on time)

Other business: Billerica Dog Park final location not decided. Still need to design park.

            Bedford looking into Stanton Grant. Park to be located at Spring Brook lake, 1/2 acre.

            Acton: There is a Town Committee spearheading search for land for dog park.

            Westford may not go ahead with Stanton Grant

            Michelle Lee asked Sara for minutes as she wants to distribute them on CDA 2.0. Minutes are privately owned. They will not be distributed to her.

Joe Arsenault was not at Howl’ween event as he hurt his back.

IX.  Next Meeting Date? January 23, 6:00pm

X.    Adjournment: Motion to adjourn: 7:50pm (Danielle)

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