CDA Meeting Minutes: 10/30/2018

Chelmsford Dog Association

Meeting Minutes

Community Room, Chelmsford Police Department, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01824

October 30, 2018  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order: 6:33pm
  2. Roll call:
    • Board members present: Will, Joyce, Sandra, Danielle, Sarah, Kathy, Beth
    • Voting members present: Vivian
    • Guests: None
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve minutes from the September 18th, 2018 meeting as amended.
    • Presented: Joyce
    • Seconded: Kathy
    • Vote: Unanimous
  4. Officer Reports
    • Website and Media Report (Will)
      1. CDP Group: 2,331members (1,925 active) – P:120/R:792/Rx:2196  
      2. CDP FB Page: F:560/L:557Net Engagement is down though
      3. CDA FB Page: F:793/L:785Net Engagement is slightly up
      4. FB location rating 4.1 (40), google location rating 4.6 (75)
      5. CDA Website: (Oct) 3,732 Visitors5,828 Reads
    • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra)
      1. Current balance: $ / Amazon smile donations: $/ Amazon purchases for Howl’ween: $ amazon/Also purchased new tent and two tables $ each/ tent $/ Lowes – work party beams/ Staples- replacement donation box/Hannaford/ BJ’s for condiments, food, etc./Unopened chips and buns returned.
    • President’s Report (Will)
      1. CDA Memberships: 19 Ind / 20 Fam (24 unrenewed since Jan 2018)
  5. Committee Reports
    • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Donations- $8 from the “small dog” area/ $131 from the “all dog” area.
      2. Restaurant Fund Raisers
        1. Zesty’s (Aug) ($50)
        2. Chipotle (Nov)- 27th 4-8pm- don’t need flyer to participate, mention CDA. 33% goes to CDA.
      3. Chelmsford Fall Farm Fair (results)- Results on last month’s minutes.
      4. Howl’ween (results)- discussed above- Despite rain-successful. Consider having a rain date next year. $265 for port-a-potty. About 25 contest entries. Silent auction was a success. / Judges were great/ Overflow parking was not utilized due to lower attendance from poor weather.
        1. Motion to give free membership to the Pratt’s and Barth’s in return for DJ service and use of grill.
          • Presented: Joyce
          • Seconded: Kathy
          • Vote: Unanimous
      5. Winterfest plans? – CDA not to participate this year/pass.
      6. Pics with Santa? – Mary to take pictures at holiday prelude. CDA to host pictures on the website.
    • DPAC Update
      1. Maintenance- CDA President recommends that CDA needs to maintain a balance of at least $5,000 as a buffer for emergency funds. Currently not enough monetary flow to pay for landscaping services. CDA relies on volunteers- could look into if high school students able to earn community service hours. Joyce to contact Country lane, Chelmsford garden club- see if they will help with front sign garden and rain garden maintenance- possibly have sign “compliments of garden club” etc./ Tree committee to be contacted- see if they are willing/able to help.
      2. Stanton voting on 2018 report- will hear by Dec. how much will be granted this year. $959 left in 2017 account, with allocated purpose (edging and digging area in all dog side).
      3. Broken pump (smoking, not pumping water properly) in shed has been taken- not sure by whom at this point. Possibly the town plumber. CDA expense to replace?
      4. Striping of the ADA spots- Latex paint not working. Vivian to ask conservation areas what they do about handicap parking as they have dirt parking lot as well. New town law- ground needs to be painted in addition to upright signage. RAP lasted two years? Need to line the spots. DPW help?
      5. DPAC to find out exactly what the process is to ban persons from the park. CDA wants instruction from the town on how to inform of being banned, so as able to instruct others and have consistent protocol.
      6. Vivian suggests a winter meeting with board from DPAC and CDA to come up with plan for 2019.
  6. Old Business/Open Issues
    • Parking lot line painting (town?)- tabled, also see above “DPAC update.”
    • Scout Eagle Project Status (in progress)- As of October 13 about 80 % done.
    • Final round of nominations for (4) positions on the Board of Directors for a 2-year term (2019-2021). Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting (November).
  7. New business
    • Motion to approve the sale of CDA tee shirts at store Pups Pet Supply in Lowell, Ma.
      • Presented: Kathy
      • Seconded: Joyce
      • Vote: Unanimous
    • November Work Party (Nov 17)
    • Sand strip/digging pit (edging delivered ~$, need reimbursement from DPAC/grant)
    • Scout (Troop 75) volunteer time- digging strip- will need to move time out kennel to do this.
    • Solar Panel Offer from Boston Solar:
      If CDA can get 25 people to sign up for an installation of solar from Boston Solar, they will donate a solar panel system and installation to the park. Because CDA is non-profit, we don’t qualify for tax break for installing solar. Town not interested in doing solar install for us, however if CDA can acquire on own, then that is ok. Solar would pay for electricity. Board brought up concerns of actively promoting company, stretch of our own bi laws, out of our jurisdiction. – Tabled until February. Motion to table presented by Will. Seconded by Sandra. Vote unanimous.
  8. Public Discussion (15-30 minutes – depending on time)- None, no public present.
  9. Annual Meeting Date? November 29th
    1. Beth nominates Vivian for board of directors position, Danielle seconds.
    2. Sarah motions to alter wording of Article VII section A of by-laws from “The board shall be composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Directors” to: “The board shall be compromised of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and five” Motion seconded by Beth. Vote: unanimous.
    3. Sandra motions for an addition of “m.” in article VII to read “If at any time during their term, a director does not meet the criteria required for nomination to a board position set forth in section A, or if a director misses four (4) consecutive meetings, that director may be removed by majority vote of the board.” Motion seconded by Danielle. Vote: unanimous.
  10. Adjournment: Motion by Beth to adjourn at 9:00pm.

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