CDA Meeting Minutes: 05/15/2018

Chelmsford Dog Association

Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Police Department Community Room, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford

May 15, 2018  6:30 PM

      1. Call to order: 6:40pm
      2. Roll call
        • Board members present: Will W., Joyce B., Danielle C., Sandra R., Kathy G., Sarah C., Vivian M.
        • Board members not present: Beth B.
        • Guests present: None
      3. Approval of minutes from April meeting: Motion to approve the minutes from the April 26th, 2018 meeting as amended.
        Presented: Joyce
        Seconded: Danielle
        Vote: Unanimous
      4. Officer Reports
        • Website and Media Report (Will)
          1. Facebook CDP Group (CDP Community) –
            2,177 members – 77% women, 23% men (1,774 considered “active”)
            119/345/1.6K – posts/comments/reactions in the past 28 days. Group continues to be an active community.
          2. CDA Website – (49 active Memberships (down two from last month), 59 free users, 41 expired memberships)
            68% new visitors up from 63% last month- Ø 103 visitors per day (slightly less than last month.) Time per visit = about 2 minutes, up from 1 minute last month.
            Front page, articles on front page and Rules/FAQ continue to be the most popular views.
          3. CDA Website hosting/domain renewal- Due for renewal at the beginning of June. Will to renew.
        • President’s Report (Will)
          1. Taxes- Completed by Beth L. last year, spent $, took in $.
          2. Raffle permit renewal- Expired in April 2018. Will presents updated permit. President, vice president, and treasurer signed form. Should be all set for another year now. $ in proceeds from raffles last year.
        • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra)- Total balance (after two checks clear) is $
          • Money from Winterfest- $,
          • Danielle made $ deposit today from donations.
          • $ for family membership,
          • $ for flea market vendor paid to CDA.
          • $ donation from a Mr. K. Hanly.
          • For work party, CDA spent: $ for seed spreader, $ at Agway for supplies, $ at Lowe’s for supplies. /
          • Green Lawn- Two bill’s. Repair of cracked pump – $ and seasonal Spring reset of irrigation-$.
      5. Committee Reports
        • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
          1. Donations- Danielle presents chart of incoming donations at park donation boxes. Donations are up since April 2018. The large area continues to generate a higher amount of monetary donations than the small side. $ in April and $ in May for large side and $ in April and $ in May for small dog side.
          2. Restaurant Fund Raisers
            1. Bertucci’s (Results?)- Due to clerical error, the fundraiser resulted in net of zero for the CDA.
            2. Outback (May 17) 15% proceeds. Lowell Outback. Mention the CDA fundraiser upon arrival, no flyer required.
            3. Hunter’s Café 15% proceeds. (June 16)- specifically staying open for us until 7pm- no flyer needed.
            4. Flea Market & Vendor Fair – May 19, 10am-2pm- Donations of items to sell at Flea Market have come in. Kathy has many to bring.
            5. July 4th Chelmsford Country Fair (July 3)- Reservation sent in with $85 check.
            6. Xmas in July? (Instead of Barkday)- July 21. 10am-2pm. Grab bags, ornaments etc.
            7. Byam Farm Fair – Sept 15, 12pm-4pm. We are signed up and have secured a spot.
          3. DPAC Report- Continued discussion for wish list items for next year’s Stanton Grant improvements. Shade structure in agility area would be nice- not pavilion though as it is too small and crowded. Large tree for shade discussed with a bench surrounding trunk or fencing of some kind to keep urine (from dogs) and dogs off the tree. Weeping Willow tree would help to suck up extra ground water. Non-toxic to dogs? Possibly a terrace on the small dog hill, need stone worker. New business-need to update DPAC page, Beth-vice chairwoman. Next DPAC meeting in early September 2018. Adjourned at 7:10 pm. Fence work next week? Vivian to follow up with Evan on Thursday
      6. Old Business/Open Issues- Work party successful, despite rainy weather. Among completed projects, four shelves were built for storage shed.
        • Planning maintenance
          1. DPW (RAP, Soil, Culvert)- DPW has delivered a pile a RAP- At work party-filled in pot holes in entrance/parking lot. At future work party, hope to raise path area on hillside and fill other areas of park (ex: near benches) that collect puddles. DPW to also donate a truckload of soil to be dumped in front of shed.
          2. Stanton Grant improvements (approved & awarded), schedule? – To follow up with Evan B.
          3. Plan for grass mowing- grass starting to grow, especially in time out kennel’s. About 4,000 square feet currently cut off for grass growth.
            Motion to authorize $600-$700 to be on used riding mower for park.
            Presented: Joyce
            Seconded: Danielle
            Vote: Carries unanimously.
        • Suggested purchase(s): timeout for small dog side, message board for small dog side pavilion.
        • Eagle projects
          1. One in planning stages with Matthew, Troop 7 in Lowell to build agility equipment. Pictures of desired equipment sent to scout. Top three on CDA “wish list” are hoops, jumps, A-frame.
        • Newsletter plans (Danielle/Sarah)- Tabled to next meeting.
      7. New Business-
        • Serve safe. Two CDA members should be serve safe certified. Six-week course required, at the end of which certification is good for 5 years.
          Motion to approve the payment of two courses of serve safe for CDA members.
          Presented: Joyce
          Seconded: Kathy
          Vote: Unanimous
        • Derek and Regina- agility area rented out on June 10th for entire day for a doggie shower. Snow blower to be taken off our hands by Derek.
          Motion to permit Derek to take snow blower.
          Presented: Will
          Seconded: Joyce
          Vote: Unanimous
        • Muddy Paws 5k June 2nd. Table and gift basket
      8. Public Discussion (30 minutes)- None.
      9. Next Meeting Date? June 26th
      10. Adjournment: 8:10 pm

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