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CDA Flea Market

The CDA is sponsoring their 2nd flea market!

Saturday, May 19, from 10am – 2pm – at the Chelmsford Dog Park

Come on down and buy STUFF or plan to set up your own table and sell your stuff!

All fees and sales from the CDA tables will go to the CDA and thus, toward the Dog Park!

Would you like to participate? Here’s how:

1- You can donate the sales of your stuff to the CDA. Bring stuff that you’d like to see sold down to the park at 9am. Drop it off at the CDA table(s).
If it gets sold, you’re done! You can claim it as a donation on your taxes, because the CDA is a 501(c)(3) organization.
If it doesn’t get sold, we ask that you plan to come by at the end of the event and take it back. We really don’t have the space to store everyone’s stuff.

No TVs, computers, or other large electronics, please.
No clothes, please.
We do reserve the right to refuse any item and ask you to take it back with you.


2- You can set up a table of your own and sell your stuff. You get to keep all the money from your salesm, but we do ask fro a small fee for the space.
$10 per 10×10 space for an individual, $25 per 10×10 space for a vendor/company, Free 10×10 space for any other non-profit organization.


3- You can volunteer! The CDA will definitely need help at this event. Help us sell stuff at the CDA table, help us organize parking, help us keep track of and assist the other individuals and vendors who come down to set up, there are plenty of things to do and never enough people to do them!


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