Plowing at the Park

Advanced Lawn Care very graciously and generously donates the time, team and equipment to help maintain our dog park.

In the spring, summer and fall he keeps our grass mowed.

In the winter, he plows our parking lot.

We appreciate everything that he does for us!


So, it comes as an unhappy surprise to find out  that some people feel that they have the right to call him and demand things.

PLEASE, do not do this! Do not call any of the service providers directly, regarding the park.

If you have any questions about the park (mowing or plowing or other services), please contact one or more of the CDA Board of Directors or post on the Facebook group for the dog park.


Actually, this holds true for ANY service at the park. Only the CDA Board or DPAC (a town committee) are authorized to negotiate or discuss business agreements with other groups for activities and work at the Dog Park.

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