Pennies 4 Puppies

If you are in one of the businesses local to Chelmsford, keep an eye out for our “Pennies 4 Puppiess” collection jars.

The Chelmsford Dog Association has placed collection jars in a number of local businesses to collect your spare change. All money donated to the CDA goes toward the maintenance and improvement of the Chelmsford Dog Park.


The following local businesses have already placed our jars near their registers:

Fins & Feathers Pets Inc. in Drum Hill
Vinal Square Craft Beer House and Premium Liquors
Pizza Palace in Lowell
Jazzercise Fitness Center in Drum Hill
Cutie Nails in Drum Hill
Drum Hill Liquors
Vet Pet Check in Lowell
Highland Hair Design in Lowell
Jimmy’s Pizza in Parlmont Plaza
Kessler Karate Academy
Triangle Store & Deli



Correction: The previous version of this announcement incorrectly referred to the fundraiser as “Pennies for Pooches”. This has been corrected to “Pennies 4 Puppies” which is how the jars are labelled.

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