Park Status Update: May 27

The grass is coming in nicely, but still needs protection from even accidental escapes.
As noted, we will be reviewing the survivability of the grass and ground conditions on a weekly basis; however, the park remains closed at this time.



3 Responses to “Park Status Update: May 27

  • Cindy Vokes
    3 years ago

    When do you think you will open again? My doggie misses it

  • Jamie
    3 years ago

    Is the dog park open? Is there any rules for example I have a lab pup that would love to run around!

    • Will Wagner
      3 years ago

      The park was closed… although it will reopen (limited to the training and small dog areas) tomorrow.
      The park rules are posted on a big sign at the main entrance and are are also available under the FAQ menu.


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