Jul 22, 2017 | Announcement

The grass in the main area has been (mostly) mowed… it will be completed on Monday morning.

In the end, Advanced Lawn Care did show up and get the grass mowed (and will be finishing the really tough stuff with a different machine on Monday morning.)

Many thanks to folks for stepping up with offers and suggestions.

Special thanks go to the Parlees for potentially allowing us to use their tractor-hayer to chop down the high grass and also to John Salem from Salem Landscaping who had offered to come down today to get it done.

Thanks to all the folks who suggested goats. That was one of my first ideas as well; unfortunately, It was much more complicated than it would first seem (to get goats, we’d need a permit form the board of health and the ACO, proof of health and license for the goats and potentially an allowance from the North Chelmsford Water District.) I would still like to think that goats would be great for the park (think about it – free grass and brush trimming and goats for the dog to practice herding) but, realistically, it’s just not doable.






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