Howl’ween 2017 Gallery

Thank You all for attending Howl’ween 2017! Below are the results of the costume contests and the photo gallery of pictures taken at the event.

Best Dog Costume:
1st Place: Yoga Dog
2nd Place: Sushi Roll Dog
3rd Place: Patriots Team

Best Owner & Dog Costume:
1st Place: Ringmistress & her Lion (dog)
2nd Place: Hippie and Hippie Dog
3rd Place: Panda and Panda Dog

Best Shelter Dog:
Unicorn Dog

Best Kisser:
Vinyard Vines Model-dogs

Long Distance Award:
Wonder Woman (dog) [Tewksbury]

Here’s the gallery – or link directly to pictures:

Many thanks to our photographers, Mary McConnell and Cara Zipoli

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