Chelmsford Holiday Prelude and Pictures with Santa

Many thanks to the Chelmsford Decorating Committee for sponsoring the Santa on the common during the Holiday Prelude. As our contribution to the community, a member of the Chelmsford Dog Association took the pictures of kids, adults and pets with Santa and we have posted the full-quality digital images in our gallery.

There are 245 pictures that were taken (Santa was a BUSY man). Some groups were shot more than once, some only once. You can take a cruise through the pictures and download images of you or your kids (or your dog) with Santa to print by clicking on the thumbnail and then right-clicking on the image that comes up and selecting “Save Image As…” (then save it to your local computer.)

[Full Holiday Prelude 2017 Album link]


4 Responses to “Chelmsford Holiday Prelude and Pictures with Santa

  • I can’t get on the next page to find my pic

  • Brenda
    2 years ago

    i too can’t get past page 1.

  • Page 2 of the santa pictures does not load any way to get those?

  • Brenda
    2 years ago

    Still hoping to get page 2 to load.


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