CDA Meeting Minutes: 11/29/2016

Minutes- Chelmsford Dog Association Meeting

November 29, 2016 Tuesday, 6:30PM

Chelmsford Police Dept. Community Room, Chelmsford, MA

Call to Order: 6:45PM

Present: Beth, Vivian, Erik, Danielle C., Danielle B., Kari, Will, Joyce, Sarah, Benny, Chris, Mary

Not Present: Mary

Motion to approve minutes from the October 12, 2016 meeting by Erik

Second: Kari

Vote: Unanimous


*2017 E-board election

2 year terms: Vivian Merrill, Danielle Corsino, Beth Bukala, Will Wagner

1 year terms: Joyce Brady-Bean, Sarah Creegan, Danielle Barden, Sandra Robbins

One vacancy to fill

Will needs the addresses of Danielle Barden and Joyce Brady-Bean

Appointments of officers will take place before the party on January 14, 2017


*Brief Annual Report-Vivian- “We opened the park, I’ve accomplished my goal.”  “It’s been a heck of a ride but I’m ready for a break.”

Before the year end, Vivian has acknowledgement letters and plaques to get out. 

Treasurer’s Report- $9,211.54

Erik motion to eliminate corporate membership on membership form

Will Second

Vote: unanimous


*Holiday Prelude- Any money collected to be given back to the decorating committee

Will will connect with Mary to give her the memory card for pictures with Santa

We’ll have membership forms and brick forms, and other information at the prelude                                                

Kari will be there to help


  Rabies clinic December 10th 9-12- We’ll have membership forms and brick forms.  Joyce and Kari will go to help with CDA “stuff.”  Joyce will connect with Sandra to get things to sell. 


 *Winterfest- proposed activities: snow painting, hide and seek with milkbones, snowdog building contest, cocoa and cider sales


 *Lease discussion- see DPAC minutes


 *Payment approvals- State filing fee will be due, Vivian needs a check for raffle taxes from Howl’ween, and checks for Will and Vivian, Vivian needs a check for the porta-potty


 *Winter trash discussion-we need a dumpster but it would have to be locked all the time.  Will has some guys that have volunteered to haul bags out of the park and leave them outside of the fence.  We may have to institute a carry-in, carry-out policy in the winter.

Vivian will talk to Paul Cohen, if the town won’t pay for the dumpster, we should take the barrels out of the park for the winter.


*Other Business- Will wants to consider some sort of recycling for the park for all of the plastic.  Who would be responsible for taking care of the recycling?  Will would be willing to make sure the recycling bin was out at the curb if we could get the town to agree to do pick up.  We could ask the man across the street if we could put the barrel in front of his house on pick-up day.

-Motion to spend the money on a recycling bin by Sarah

seconded by Beth

Vote: Unanimous

Will will purchase bin and make a sign that says “plastic only.”

-Winter Work Party- Will will cover the fountains to protect them against snow and ice at the work party this weekend.

Will will move a parking block(s) near the fence where it’s raised

Will bought a push broom and has 10 volunteers to work with him

Needs to buy a couple more things

Cleaning up leaves from corners and assembling the time-out kennels to be placed:

1 near exit to main dog area

1 near the back corner near the pavilion

-Danielle- We need signage for carry-in, carry-out for the winter if that’s where we’re headed.  Will will make them and Sarah will laminate them

Thoughts on Howl’ween:

-pre-plan where vendors are going to set-up

-Stake off parade area next time

-having 1 point person to filter all questions/concerns through

-not enough parking but no real way around that

-food truck?

-stress that winners of raffles need to be present to win

-the added effort of the coloring contest may not be worth it

-volunteers to walk around selling 50/50 tickets

-Potential new Eagle scout project- the brick patio under the pavilion

-Will still needs sponsorship list

Danielle- We need a permanent sign for the donation box outside the shed-would Geoff be willing to create something?  Should we have one printed?

*Next Meeting Date:  January 13 2017, post-holiday “Bad Gift” event $20 limit

location: Princeton Station-limited menu

Next Meeting: Wednesday February 8th, 2017 at 6:30 Location TBD

Motion to Adjourn at 8:21 by Will

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