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CDA Meeting Minutes: 11/29/2017

Chelmsford Dog Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Police Department Community Room, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford

November 29, 2017  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order: 6:30
  2. Roll call
    1. Board members present: Joyce B., Will W., Danielle C., Sarah C., Beth B., Vivian M.
    2. Board members not present: Sandra R.
    3. Voting members present: Arthur C., Carly C., Erik M., Janet, Paul L., Lauren C., Mary D., Jill W., Jessica W., Barbara R., Kathy G.
    4. Ballot counters: Mary D.,Jill W., Jessica W.
    5. Guests present: Tara S., Jeff & Patty B., Lindsey P.
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve minutes from the October 25th meeting as amended.
    • Presented: Joyce
    • Seconded: Danielle
    • Vote: Unanimous
  4. Voting/Election of 3 Directors (All CDA members present)
    1. Nominee statements
      • Incumbent: Beth B, Danielle C, Vivian M,
      • New nominees: Carly R, Kathy G
    2. Ballot distribution/collection/counting by Jill and Jessica
    3. Announcement of results: Directors for the new term: Beth, Danielle, Kathy
  5. Officer Reports
    1. Website and Media Report (Will)- 1,848 members currently in Facebook Group, positive posts as of late. Mondays seem to be most popular day for posts, most members are women approx. 60%, mostly residents of Chelmsford and surrounding towns. About 4,000 visitors a month to CDA website.
    2. Treasurer’s Report (Sandra)- Current balance: $, $ memberships, $ from small dog side, -$ for scout plaques. Will presents excel spreadsheet of expenses in the past year.
      • Amazon smile- $ on 11/15/17
      • Bricks are paid, $ spent on Howl’ween promotion. No monetary results for Howl’ween event yet. $ spent on Should I Stay or Should I Go presentation. Only four people attended, was recorded live and posted to Facebook. Money also spent on printing packets.
    3. President’s Report (Will)- See above
  6. Committee Reports
    1. DPAC plans (Stanton Maintenance Grant)- Grant submitted, and was approved. Funds provided will be for the update of fencing (dumpster fencing, training area access from parking lot, small dog area to large dog area), automatic closers on the gates, digging sand pit for large dog area. This plan will be sent to the town who will make arrangements with fencing contractors. Erik reports DPAC is looking at the closure situation for the winter. Reports that at regional dog park meeting, learned that vast majority of parks close from Dec.-April. At conference, it was also discovered that Chelmsford is the only park in the state that is volunteer managed. As far as ground materials, the park is on an aquafor within the North Chelmsford Water District. Ground cover must filter urine/nitrates. The Stanton Foundation will not allow the use of bark mulch. The “pee circles” have special materials under to filter urine. Erik explains plowing situation. Still looking for a volunteer to plow the parking lot a park. The town will do it, but it’s not a priority area.
    2. Inventory of CDA Property and Saleable Items (Joyce) –There is now a box in the shed for community outreach events, as well as tables, tents etc. Project is moving along, got rid of items we didn’t need. Soda left overs at Kathy’s house. Vivian states she still has some boxes at her house- merchandise items, clothing.
    3. Fundraising/Events Committee Report
      1. Pennies 4 Puppies- Couple of jars still out in public. In the Spring another round of program to happen. Spring Yard sale?
      2. Donations- Danielle presents bar graph of donations. October donations on the small dog side totaled $, large dog side $. November donations to date: on small side- $, large side- $. There will also be a third donation box installed.
      3. Newman’s Own Foundation fundraising Holiday Challenge (through CrowdRise) Going through January. Has been remarkably lack luster.
      4. Hannaford Bags 4 My Cause (Dec – Every “Helps” bag sold gives us $1) Buy a cause bag and we get one dollar from each bag.
      5. Bank of America grant ($ via Karen Cagnina’s volunteer hours) Through her work.
      6. Results of previous events
        1. Howl’ween- Tabled
        2. Should I Stay or Should I Go- Four people attended the event, had 30 sign ups. Was broadcasted live on Facebook. Several hundred have viewed afterwards.
        3. Panera- Results unknown at this time.
      7. Restaurant Fund Raisers
        1. Chipotle (Dec 6), Mooyah Burger in Billerica (Jan 31)
        2. Others? 3-4 others in the works, per Kathy.
      8. CDA Holiday Party- CCA- Jan 6 rental of big hall-bring our own food or pay for food-catering from Market Basket? Group likes Market Basket idea. $12per person? Event from 6pm-10pm.
      9. Chelmsford Winterfest (?)- Group will participate. Event TBD.
    4. Membership and Volunteer Coordinator’s Report – 49 current members.
  7. Old Business/Open Issues
    1. Dumpster- Staying where it is, concrete pad to be poured. Chelmsford Board of Health required to have fence around dumpster.
    2. Winter Park Discussion- Winter poop removal: Lauren C. did a survey of 120 people that pledged about $1400 dollars. Suggests smaller receptacles so more people would be willing to volunteer. Lauren would like to propose a purchase of five round barrels, one for small dog side and four for large dog side. Lauren spoke with a company named SuperScooper, and while their services will not be used, they helped Lauren troubleshoot poop removal ideas, guerilla cart etc. Barbara mentions to put statement on FB about why park will close periodically in the winter for other reasons besides the grass.
      • Group agrees that Lauren’s poop project will be a private function. To purchase bags and cart with private donations with the caveat that this could be helpful towards keeping the park open in the winter.
      • Will would like to spend $200 or under for plastic chains for when park closes in winter for entrance and exits. Motion for approval of $200 or less being spend for the purchase of chains.
        • Presented: Joyce
        • Seconded: Danielle
        • Vote: unanimous
  8. New business
    1. Filing IRS forms – Will filed with IRS, need to file with the state and can now do that as directors have been appointed.
    2. Sponsors? Lauren mentions previous “lawn guy” Joe, is still listed as a sponsor. Will to remove his name. Lauren would also like to advertise/promote for SuperScooper vendor.
      1. Corporate sponsorships- None at this time
      2. Revise list of sponsor-able items? Need more Benches-Danielle mentions one bench in small dog side needs a bolt.
    3. Public Discussion (15-30 minutes – depending on time) Intermittent discussion throughout meeting of concerns/issues. Barbara also asks about who to call in case of a canine altercation resulting in an injury. Will reports to call Chelmsford police and/or ACO (Animal Control Officer).
  9. Next Meeting Date? Dec. 13th @ 6:30pm. Location TBD
  10. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn: Joyce 8:59pm

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