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CDA Meeting Minutes: 10/25/2017

Chelmsford Dog Association

Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Public Library, McCarthy Room, 25 Boston Rd, Chelmsford

October 25, 2017  6:30 PM

  1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 6:40PM by Will.

  1. Roll call

Present: Sandra Robbins, Joyce Bean, Will Wagner, Danielle Corsino, Beth Bukala, Vivian Merrill

Not Present: Sarah Creegan

Members Present: Mary Donovan, Kathy Gould, Carly Reim, Kippy O’Shea

Guests: none

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Motion by Joyce to approve the Minutes of September 27, 2017, as amended. Seconded by Danielle. Motion carries, unanimous.

  1. Officer Reports
  • Website and Media Report (Will)

The website is getting contacts from groups that are interested in what the CDA is doing. An advertisement for Spay and Neuter license plates are now being hosted on the website for free, as a state non-profit entity benefits from these plates.


The Chelmsford Dog Park Facebook Page now has about 1300 members.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra)

Treasurers report: The account balance after paying for bricks is $. Deposits include $ on 10/22 by Will, $ received from phone drive, and a deposit on 10/3 of $ by Danielle for Moo’s Challenge and the Fall Fairs. A debit on 10/24 of $ for Facebook advertising of Howl’ween was done, and a debit for scout plaques will be coming. The electric bill was also paid. No additional water bills have been received to date.

  • President’s Report (Will)
  • A Facebook page for the dog Park Advisory Committee has been set up, and is linked to the Chelmsford Dog Park page.
  1. Committee Reports
  • Status of DPAC plans (Stanton Maintenance Grant)

Submission of the Annual Stanton Report is awaiting a quote for a sand pit, as the agility equipment part of the grant portion was denied. Will is putting together a proposal for future Eagle Scout project ideas to be shared with local troops.

  • Inventory of CDA Property and Saleable Items (Joyce)

Joyce reported this will be worked on at 11/4 work session at the park.

  • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
    1. Pennies 4 Puppies

Kathy reported that jars are still out in shops and collecting change.

    1. Donations

Danielle reported that collection boxes in park collected $88.00 in October.

Carly reported that she did a fundraiser on Facebook for her birthday where donations would come to the park. Not sure what will be received. The drive will close today. Kathy is doing a similar event for her birthday.

    1. Howl’ween
      1. Vendors (11)

Howl’ween, 12 vendors have signed up to date.  

    1. Boy Scout presentation of completed projects / plaque placement
  • Eagle Scout recognition presentations and plaques for the patio and shed projects will be formally presented at Howl’ween. Brass plaques were ordered, and are awaited, temporary plaques will be used until the actual plaques arrive.
    • Printing
      Location, direction signs (laminated – Will)
      membership forms
      Costume contest waivers & entry forms
      Kid’s coloring contest waiver & picture
      slips to hand out for photography (CDA website gallery URL)
  • Most of the printing has been completed. The rest will be done prior to the event.
    1. Parking (DPW lot will be open for overflow)
    2. Portable Restroom to be delivered on Oct 27, picked up on Oct 30.
    3. Food (BoH permit received, ServSafe document received)
      (meat, chips, condiments, drinks – set)
      (Will – buns, candy)
      (Sandra – cider, cups)
      (Kathy – pizza (4?), hot drink pot)

Food- Joe A. will be cooking. Cups will be picked up. Beth will serve food. Pizza will be ordered 3 at a time. Kathy will have to pick up pizzas as needed. Kathy was able to get hot drink pots. Will purchased a portable sink and 2 more folding tables, more tables requested. Grill will be delivered. Food will be cooked to order. Will will bring a spatula. Volunteer vouchers will be printed entitling them to one free item. Judges will be given volunteer vouchers. Will will get more cones and yellow tape.

staffing (CDA & Volunteers)

12:30 Judging stats.  Directional signs are printed and laminated. Volunteers will be needed to direct parking.  Vendors will be set up in a circle around park staring at fountain, pictures will be set up in the pavilion, raffle and sale tables in back of circle, cooking area will be by shed in front. Contest Ring will be in the middle.

Several vendors will pay on the day of the event.

Danielle will do dog balloons.

Trash-barrals will be empty before the event.

Joyce is picking up photo backdrop items. Everyone was encouraged to bring Halloween decorations.

Sandra has small bills for the cash boxes, $500.00 will be returned to the account. There are 3 cash boxes, and Kathy has another one.

Carly will do 50/50, Kathy has picked up aprons. Other containers are available for raffle tickets. Tickets will be pulled at 1:45PM. Winners should be present to win. Kathy is willing to meet winners at the park if needed.

Will is the emcee.

Contest entrants will be told to assemble at the entrance, and they will be directed where to go.

Kathy is working on assignments. List read into the record.

Raffle items received to date read into the record.

New square device was given to Sandra. This one will accept chip cards, Apple Pay and swipe cards.

Will will set up Kathy’s Square account to accept payments.

Volunteers will arrive at 9AM.

Judges should arrive at noon.

Kathy will get yarn, paper plates, scissors, and sharpies

Game prizes are all set.

Joyce will make Judges’ badges.

    1. Should I Stay or Should I Go (Nov 8)

Signs will be put up at the park announcing this event. Event should be 2 hours. Members were encouraged to promote this event. Sandra was authorized to make a check payable for $100.00 for the speaker.

    1. Restaurant Fund Raisers
      1. Panera 4:00PM-8:00PM (Nov), Chipotle 4:00PM-8:00PM (Dec), Mooyah! 4:00PM-9:00PM (Jan)
      2. Others?

There is potential for a February event at Papa Gino’s. Carly suggested contacting Tavern on the Square. Kathy is still working on an Applebees breakfast event, which requires volunteers seat and clean up after them. Kathy will also research events at Five Guys and 99 Restaurant.


  1. CDA Holiday Party

Members decided not to use the Holiday Party as a membership drive.  Will is thinking about asking the Establishment about hosting. Sandra suggested looking for a more informal place like a church or town hall. Will agreed to look into this. The preference is to have this as a members only event.


 A separate membership drive will be arranged for people are interested in joining the association.


A final decision on party logistics will be made in November, after a location is found.

  • Membership and Volunteer Coordinator’s Report

The association’s brochure needs to be updated.

No other reports.

A volunteer is needed to fill this position.

  • Old Business/Open Issues
  • Bricks – Phase 2 was received, and no bricks were damaged.
    1. Need to distribute mini-bricks.
    2. Continue with a phase 3?

Members decided to discontinue phase 3 bricks for a few years and hope interest increases.

  • Dumpster

No issues reported to date.

  • Accept any pending Nominations and Close Nominations.

Current nominees include Danielle, Vivian, Kathy and Carly. Three positions are open this year.  

Nomination by Kathy for Beth, who accepted. Seconded by Sandra. Motion carries, unanimous,

No mail-in nominations were received.

  • Annual Meeting Planning / Voting for directors

The Annual Meeting will be November 29, 2017. Voting will happen at that time.

Will is prototyping an online service for next year.  He will send a link to the online program he is considering for Board members to review.


The Board agreed that Absentee Ballots were not warranted at this time.

Voting will be done in person at the meeting. Proxy voting will be allowed.

The bylaws call for counting to be done by an impartial group of three members. Mary Donovan, Jill Wagner and Kippy O’Shea volunteered to be this group.

  • Work Party (Nov 4)

RAP will be dropped off by DPW. Planned work is to cut down the dead tree near the fence, and complete the inventory of the new shed.

  • Plowing this winter and park closure

No one is available to do plowing at this time. The park is low on DPW’s priority list, as streets and schools come first. Kathy will re-send a card she received from someone Rick knows to Will. Plan is to close the park if there is no snow pack.


Liability issues for supplying equipment may prevent CDA from acquiring equipment. Shovels may be ok as they did not cause problems last year.

Plan for spring is to install moveable fence to repair grass in specific areas, which will also be used to rest affected areas.

  • New business
  • Stanton Foundation conference

The conference was attended by Will, Vivian and Erik. Of the attendees, very few other parks were already established; most were in phases of development. Mass. law does state dogs are supposed to have collars on at all times. Enforcement can be done by police. The Animal Control Officer requires an owner to be able to prove their dog is licensed and vaccinated as sufficient. The CDA will not make a ruling on whether dogs need collars in the park, as it is felt to be improper for CDA to enforce keeping collars on. Identification tags must be present with the owner, and a dog must be leashed outside the park.

  • Water will be shut off after November 4, 2017.
  • Rentals

Another group has expressed interest. No appointment yet.

One successful  rental has been completed to date.


Kathy asked people to think about this program to sell cards to pizza places. CDA would have to put up $300.00 for 100 cards, which would be sold for $10.00 each. Kathy is thinking about doing this in the spring, further discussion tabled to January meeting.

If this proves successful, it could be done quarterly at a table event at the park.

  • CJ Photography offered to do a Photos with Santa event, where photos are sold at $25.00 each, and CDA would receive $12.00. Will politely declined because CDA does photos for the Town’s Holiday Prelude event, and there are similar programs hosted by Agway and Lowell Humane Society. Board members asked if he might consider doing an Easter Bunny photo shoot. 

Beth left the meeting at 8PM.


  • Public Discussion (15-30 minutes – depending on time)

No one came forward at this time.



  • Next Meeting Date?

Next Meeting: January 23, 2018 starting at 6:30PM, location TBD

Holiday Party: Jan 6, 2018,  snow date January 12



  • Adjournment

Motion by Sandra to adjourn the meeting at 8:47PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Vivian Merrill, Director

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