The Chelmsford Dog Park is located at: 52 Richardson Rd, North Chelmsford
The park is currently: OPEN 

CDA Meeting Minutes: 08/23/2017

Chelmsford Dog Association

Meeting Minutes

Chelmsford Police Department Community Room, 2 Olde North Rd, Chelmsford

August 23, 2017  6:30 PM

    1. Call to order: 6:33
    2. Roll call
      • Board members present: Will, Beth, Joyce, Sarah, Sandra
      • Voting members present: Kathy
      • Guests present: None
    3. Approval of minutes from last meeting- Motion to approve the minutes from the July 2017 meeting as amended.
      Presented: Joyce
      Seconded: Beth
      Vote: Unanimous
    4. Public discussion (30 minutes)- none
    5. Officer Reports
      • Website and Media Report (Will)- The website continues to generate views. There has been a recent influx of 2-5 new members a day on the Facebook group. CDA in the Lowell Sun and the Chelmsford Independent for “Barkday.”
      • Treasurer’s Report (Sandra)- Current balance= $. Received $ from Amazon Smile, $ in cash and checks from the Bark Day event and the farmer’s market, $ from Square payments on Bark Day.
        One membership paid. Need a minimum of $3,000 at the end of the month to pay for brick order. Danielle’s donation chart presented by Sarah. Sandra suggests separating graph between “big dog donations” and “little dog donations” to make visual representation of the differences in donations from the small side vs. the large side.
      • President’s Report (Will)- No new news. Low on funds since we paid for grass. Upcoming expenses= tents, shelves, bins. Riding Lawn Mower?
    6. Committee Reports
      • Status of DPAC plans (Stanton Maintenance Grant?)- To follow up with Evan B on where we stand with grant from the Stanton Foundation. Group would like to use funds for an air lock between the agility area and the parking lot, and an airlock between the large area and small dog area.
      • Inventory of CDA Property and Saleable Items (Joyce)- Work in progress. Once the shed is in place, and items can be stored, it will be easier to take inventory. Bins and shelves suggested for the new shed.
      • Fundraising/Events Committee Report
        1. Pennies 4 Puppies-Per Kathy, people have been bringing jars to their work as far as Boston to collect money. Kathy has a list of who has jars and where. Kathy would like to do a Restaurant of the month fundraiser for the winter months, already has contacted Panera Bread. They will fundraise for us Nov. 8th from 4pm-8pm and we will receive 20% of sales. December 6th, Chipotle will fundraise for the CDA from 4pm-8pm and we will receive 50% of sales. Kathy to also look into 5 Guys, Applebee’s, and Chili’s. Joyce to call Barnes and Noble for info on having a table. Sandra and Kathy are doing the farmers market tomorrow (8/24).
        2. Donations- See notes above under “treasurer’s report.”
        3. Bark for your Park Grant results- Will applied for $10,000 park maintenance grant. CDA was not selected. No park in New England was chosen, the closest was in NJ. We could also apply for a $5,000 equipment enhancement grant. Encouraged to apply next year by organization.
        4. Barkday party results- Profit- see treasurers report. Will presents “post mortem recap” of Barkday along with Howl’ween planning (10/28/17 10am-2pm). Approval from board to start Facebook adds for Howl’ween. Beth suggests having costume parade near vendors and tents in the main area, set up around perimeter of the path. Perhaps have DJ next to the time out kennels.
        5. Lions Fall Fest- free 23rd on Chelmsford Common Kathy to go.
        6. Chelmsford Fall Farm Fair- 16th confirmed- tee shirt paw paint 10-2 at Barret Byam Homestead. Danielle, Sarah, Sandra, and Kathy to go.
        7. Howl’ween- discussed planning. Will presents list of thoughts/to-do’s. General set up, order of events, raffle prizes and method of announcing winners, coloring contest, prizes, balloon animals, 50/50, candy, Will to look into cost of a camp sink for handwashing, port-a-potty. Need more EZ ups, and group agrees they should always be taken down at end of event to prevent damage.
      • Membership and Volunteer Coordinator’s Report – slowly increasing one or two new members a month. A fall update will be sent. Also a reminder to renew memberships will be sent.
    7. Old Business/Open Issues
      • Vote on Bylaws Amendment (Board only vote) [proposed amendment to Article VII, section A, regarding the definition of “Member in good standing” and removal of the Chelmsford Resident requirement for board members]
      • Bricks — Order to be placed by Aug 30. Last call made. ~ 38 brick orders.
      • Advanced Lawn Care – Final resolution- Owner never responded.
      • Boy Scout Eagle Projects – Bricks & Shed – In Progress. Ground has been dug out, leveled and graveled. Second delivery of gravel to come. Scout has stone dust to lay on top. Pavers to be delivered on Saturday. Park will be closed from 10-4pm. Shed- wood to be delivered on Friday. Scout to work on it Saturday.
        Grass destroyed by DPW will be re-seeded by DPW after project is complete- with hydroseed and will be fenced off. Green Lawn is re-routing irrigation head/piping.
      • Dumpster- nothing extra dumped so far. Will, Steve, and Lauren empty on Sundays Wednesdays and Fridays. Town has made arrangements to pick up dumpster, it is placed in far corner of new lot.
      • Rental/Training area closure for seeding (manual seed spreader, fall timeframe?) –If too late and too cold will do in the spring with a push seeder. Potential rental for Sept. 9th for a photo session.
    8. New business-
        • Thank you notes to people who donated. Viv, Erik, Will and Evan to go to Stanton dog park conference on Sept 26


  1. Next Meeting Date: September 27th @ 630pm
  2. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn: Beth @ 7:57pm

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