A Great Big Thanks!

Thank you to all of the wonderful and hard-working folks who came down to the spring cleanup work party (aka poop-a-palooza)!

Shout out to the helpers today:

  • Kathy Gould
  • Carly Reim
  • Danielle Corsino
  • Renee Gelinas
  • Nicole Smith
  • Sean & Michelle Murphy
  • Sam Evers
  • Jack O’Neill
  • John & Judy Heron
  • Annie & Jordan Gaebel
  • Lauren Coffee
  • Chip McGahan
  • Kim & Sasha Proulx
  • Lisa Chesnell
  • Chamnan (Chum), Adriyanna & Malinna Albert
  • Will, Jill & Jessica Wagner

(I hope I didn’t miss anyone. If I did, my apologies – give me a shout out and I”ll amend the list)

Everyone worked very hard to make the park look nice – and did a great job – but we’re not quite done yet.

When we have a few nice days (aka non-wet), we need to finish up scraping and painting the hydrants and poly the kiosk cabinet.
(I’ll post something in a few weeks about that.)

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